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Connect Groups are the perfect first step to getting connected at Perimeter. There are nearly 150 Connect Groups all over north Atlanta, and groups are continuing to form! Since Perimeter already has so many great groups and opportunities that focus on "spiritual growth", Connect Groups focus on "relational growth".  So, Connect Group activities are more about fun and fellowship, and less about learning and equipping. 





Since friendships most often develop around commonality (i.e. geography, age and stage, and interests), Connect Groups are built around commonality. You can find groups close to home, groups of blended ages and stages (i.e. young singles, mid-singles, mature singles, young marrieds, young families, empty nesters, etc.), groups exclusive to ages and stages, and groups built around common interests (i.e. hiking, games, outdoor events, dining out, going to the movies, etc.). Connect Groups are also intended to be fun, relaxed, and comfortable "off campus" Christ-centered environments for you to invite and build relationships with your friends and neighbors.




Find a Group

We have a great new interactive web page that will allow you to search for groups based on your geography, age and stage, and/or common interests. You'll also be able to interact directly with Connect Group Hosts. 

If, after reviewing the group listings and searching the map, you'd like to interact with our staff about finding a Connect Group and/or getting connected, click here.




Start a Connect Group

Do you have any ideas for a Connect Group? Would you like to start a group around your child's public school, your neighborhood, or a common interest? Starting a Connect Group is easy! All that we require is that you be a Perimeter Church member (or in the membership process) and that you be willing to connect with staff leadership in our Host Connect gatherings 2-3 times per year. For more information, click here.




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