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All Pro Dad LIVE event - Saturday, August 23

Be a part of a fatherhood revival in Atlanta by joining Perimeter dads and dads across Atlanta at the All Pro Dad LIVE event on Saturday, August 23 (9:00 AM - 4:00 PM) in Norcross at the Long Forum on the campus of Greater Atlanta Christian School. Speaker lineup includes: Mark Richt, Jeff Foxworthy, Tony Dungy, Danny Wuerffel, Charlie Ward, Bret Baier, and more. Full details at  Tickets are valued at $49, but our Perimeter group ticket price is $30. Purchase your ticket in the Perimeter Bookstore (678.405.2205). For more information, contact Drue Warner at or 678.405.2227.

Connect Groups are the perfect first step to getting connected at Perimeter. There are nearly 150 Connect Groups all over north Atlanta, and groups are continuing to form! Since Perimeter already has so many great groups and opportunities that focus on "spiritual growth", Connect Groups focus on "relational growth".  So, Connect Group activities are more about fun and fellowship, and less about learning and equipping. 





Since friendships most often develop around commonality (i.e. geography, age and stage, and interests), Connect Groups are built around commonality. You can find groups close to home, groups of blended ages and stages (i.e. young singles, mid-singles, mature singles, young marrieds, young families, empty nesters, etc.), groups exclusive to ages and stages, and groups built around common interests (i.e. hiking, games, outdoor events, dining out, going to the movies, etc.). Connect Groups are also intended to be fun, relaxed, and comfortable "off campus" Christ-centered environments for you to invite and build relationships with your friends and neighbors.




Find a Group

We have a great new interactive web page that will allow you to search for groups based on your geography, age and stage, and/or common interests. You'll also be able to interact directly with Connect Group Hosts. 

If, after reviewing the group listings and searching the map, you'd like to interact with our staff about finding a Connect Group and/or getting connected, click here.




Start a Connect Group

Do you have any ideas for a Connect Group? Would you like to start a group around your child's public school, your neighborhood, or a common interest? Starting a Connect Group is easy! All that we require is that you be a Perimeter Church member (or in the membership process) and that you be willing to connect with staff leadership in our Host Connect gatherings 2-3 times per year. For more information, click here.


  • Connect Group Details

    About Connect Groups

    1. Purpose - To strengthen the relational fabric of Perimeter Church such that people in our church can experience and share connection, friendship, and belonging (being known and knowing others) with each other, and with our neighbors where we live, work, and play.

    2. Being vs. Doing - Connect Groups are really more about being together (i.e. having fun) and less about doing something "spiritual" (i.e. Bible study, curriculum, etc.). Ideally, the environment of Connect Groups should be such that, if a Perimeter newcomer or your non-Christian neighbor were to attend one of your gatherings, they would feel comfortable.

    3. Meeting Locations- Connect Groups can meet wherever you want to meet. You can gather in your home or in someone else's home. You can meet in a park, a playground, at an outdoor concert, a restaurant, or wherever your group decides.

    4. Schedule - Connect Groups should make it a goal to try to get together at least once a month. You can be scheduled (i.e. 2nd Sunday of the month) or spontaneous. Both are fine. Having a schedule can definitely be helpful, but being spontaneous can also be quite beneficial in strengthening the fabric of relationships.

    5. Common Interests - It might be helpful to know that, even though people will be grouped "on campus" according to geographic proximity and age & stage, Connect Groups that choose to continue on "off campus" will have an opportunity to include any specific common interests, as a part of their group description, which will be listed on the Perimeter webpage.

    6. Missional - Because there are so many people outside of the church are starving for community and relationships that matter, we really do hope that your Connect Group environment will be comfortable, fun, and enjoyable to your non-Christian friends and neighbors. There is a saying that, "Belonging often precedes believing," and we believe that Connect Groups could be the very instrument that God uses to bring your friends and neighbors into relationship with Christ.

    7. Gatherings - Connect Groups are free to pretty much do whatever they'd like to do. As Steve Brown would say, "As long as it's not illegal, immoral, dangerous, or a violation of your conscience, go for it!" Christians should throw the best parties in the neighborhood, and there are all kinds of ideas of things to do from the calendar (i.e. Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July, Memorial Day, etc.), sporting events (i.e. Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Olympics, etc.), pop culture (i.e. TV show viewing parties), and local events (i.e. outdoor concerts, festivals, etc.).


    About Hosting

    1. Primary Role - Basically, the role of Connect Group Hosts is to serve as a "connector" to help provide social environments where people (inside and outside of the church) can have the opportunity to experience connectedness and friendship.

    2. Characteristics - Connect Group Host are, most likely, people who are naturally friendly, social, warm, and hospitable. They enjoy people, people enjoy them, and they like to have fun. Therefore, if this describes you, then serving as a host will come quite naturally to you.

    3. Delegation - Connect Group Hosts should not feel like they have to do everything and host every gathering (though it's fine if they'd like to do that). The primary role of Connect Group Hosts is to serve as a connector. Connect Group Hosts are free to either take on or delegate the roles of facilitator, organizer, host, event planner, etc. to others in their group.

    4. Ongoing Equipping - We'll provide ongoing, equipping primarily through resources made available at and by inviting Connect Group Hosts to meet regularly (either quarterly or monthly) for idea sharing, mutual encouragement, and equipping on particular topics of need.  Our expectation for hosts will be that they try to is that they try to attend the quarterly (or monthly) Sunday morning equipping sessions at least 1-2 times per year (primarily just to stay connected with other hosts and church staff).

    5. Host Requirements - The only two requirements for serving as a Connect Group Host are that they are:  a) a Perimeter Church member b) willing to stay connected with Connect Group church staff (via occasional phone conversation, email, or attending a host equipping session 1-2 times year)


Active Connect Groups



For information about serving as a Connect Group Host, go to


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