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To make and deploy mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of Family, Community and Global transformation


It’s hard to believe we are only a few months away from closing out 2016 and ushering in 2017. It’s also hard to believe that we are more than halfway through our 3-year ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives effort. A lot has happened since we started this effort and there is still plenty yet to accomplish. I encourage you to take just a moment and review this ALL IN Impact Report and reflect on all that God has done in and through you and so many others who call Perimeter their church home.

The ALL IN effort is the idea of taking all of our people, all of our ministries and all of our resources and uniting them towards one vision -- in order to leverage our influence for the sake of greater Kingdom Impact!

At the launch of this effort back in 2014, our hope and our prayer was that ALL of us would be ALL-IN to go ALL-OUT, giving our ALL-IN-ALL for God, so that we could Bless Families, Bless Cities and Bless the Next Generation.

I hope that you are as encouraged as I am by this Impact Report, and that you will join with me in giving thanks and lifting a prayer saying:

Randy Pope

A Note From

Randy Pope


To make and deploy mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of Family, Community and Global transformation

Dear Perimeter Church

As the Director of Support Ministries and CFO at Perimeter, it is my pleasure to provide a Midterm Update regarding the ALL IN initiative. I have the privilege of seeing God’s provision towards this effort on a daily basis and it brings me great joy to share all that God is doing through your ALL IN giving.

As we move forward into the second half of the ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives effort, we want to keep the momentum going. In the later months Faith Pledges are going to contribute more and more to the overall success of the effort. With this in mind, please be in prayer, seeking and asking God to provide for your faith pledge. We look forward to hearing the stories of how God was faithful to provide.

Thank you for your investment of your time, talent, and treasure as you seek to Leverage Your Life for the Kingdom. Please pray that God would continue to show you how you can use your particular gifting for greater impact where you live, work and play. Also pray for God to provide all that is needed for us to finish strong.

Sincerely and in His service, Gordon Moore

All In

Giving in 2015 was significantly above projections 110.6%


We are still ahead of projections (105% of anticipated giving) through the first 18 months of ALL IN


Giving to date in 2016 is 96% of projections in Quarter 1 and 88% of projections in Quarter 2


How Perimeter Invests $1

Have you ever wondered what your ALL IN contribution is really accomplishing?

The following chart shows how each dollar invested in God’s work through Perimeter Church is leveraged to impact our core priorities to bless the families, the cities, and the next generation.

I believe you will be encouraged as you see the impact your ministry of giving to Perimeter Church is having in the church, throughout the community, and around the world.

How Each Dollar Is Invested At Perimeter


Are you surprised to know that 26¢ of each $1 is focused outward — directly to people, ministries and needs outside the walls of Perimeter Church?

This includes the budgets for

Community Outreach
Global Outreach
Life On Life Missional Discipleship
Church Planting

NEXT GENERATION We’re Paying It Forward

One of the stated goals of ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives is to invest in the next generation. Therefore, 18¢ of every dollar goes to invest in children, youth, leadership development, and related building renovations.

We are investing in the lives of the next generation through

Leadership programs of KidsQuest and the new iArts Academy that are immersing children in the Word and worship through the arts

Leadership and life training for Camp All-American counselors

Our new Ministry Residents program which will equip the next generation of Christian family, city, and business leaders

Campus improvements that ensure that the buildings and grounds are suited and equipped to support the needs and ministries of the next generation.

THE FAMILIES We’re Inward To
Go Outward

This portion of our
budget focuses on
Support and Ministry


KidsQuest worship services

Multiple worship services to reach both believers and seekers

Perimeter Christian School

Youth Ministry

Shepherding of both members and non-members


Core staff positions

Utilities and building maintenance

But even the 17¢ for support are having eternal, Kingdom Impact!

Every penny we spend, whether focused inward or outward, is ultimately designed to bless someone outside the four walls of the church.

Perimeter Stewards Your Gifts Well

According to a review of 100 churches our size, most churches spend 20% of their budget on overhead and 80% on internal and external ministry.

Perimeter spends 25% of its budget directly on ministry outside the church’s walls and only 17% on overhead.

That is the direct result of God working in the hearts of Perimeter’s members and stakeholders.

In addition, Perimeter Church leadership voluntarily chose to submit itself to audit and review by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Being accredited by the ECFA is kind of like receiving the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.” According to the ECFA, it’s a sign that Perimeter Church “faithfully demonstrates compliance with established standards for financial accountability, transparency, fundraising, and board governance.”

So what’s next?What is going to be the next big ALL IN project that you will see?

A New Connecting Plaza!

While our campus is for the most part “complete,” any homeowner can tell you that maintenance is necessary and renovation is often advisable. As our main building is now 20 years old, it has become apparent that some updating and remodeling was in order.

  • Perimeter is a much larger church than it was when the building first opened its doors. We are literally bursting at the seams on Sunday morning with every square inch of community space being utilized.
  • The foyer which once was primarily used for getting into and out of the Sanctuary is now very much a meet and greet venue for families, members meeting guests, and for impromptu conversations.
  • Our building is truly open seven days a week. There are more than 51,000 events that meet on our campus each year.

For all of these reasons and more, the church leadership decided it was time to give the foyer a makeover. At the same time, the plans are designed to make it more open, more inviting, and more functional for friends and families to gather and connect.

Some information about the foyer renovation:

  • After the renovation, the foyer area will have approximately 9,000 square feet of new, enclosed space. There will be out-of-the-way areas of seating that make conversation and meetings possible as well as open space, which will help foot traffic flow more smoothly on Sundays and whenever large groups of people are in the building.
  • The new space will include a café similar to The Bricks Café, but with more drink and food options. Planning a school, ministry, or discipleship meeting? Now you can meet around meal times, getting your food from the café. Miss breakfast on a Sunday morning? You can grab a hearty snack on your way in the building or between services.
  • The renovations also provide for a new bookstore, which will be smaller and primarily provide Perimeter resources.
  • In addition, much of the hallway spaces on the main and upper floors — generally from the Chapel entrance through to the Bricks entrance— will get new paint and carpet.


While renovations are necessary — and fun — we are really on pins and needles, waiting to see what God has in store for the next 18 months. In this ALL IN Impact Report, we hope you have caught the vision for what God has done and is doing in and through Perimeter Church, its people, and its gifts. As a church, we have truly gone ALL IN and Leveraged Our Lives in amazing ways.

There are friends and neighbors who know Christ
because God used people like you
There are kids who have more secure todays and tomorrows
because God used people like you
There are women who are escaping slavery and sex trafficking
because God used people like you
There are churches thriving in all the corners of the earth
because God used people like you
There are new churches blessing neighborhoods all across metro Atlanta
because God used people like you

Let’s go ALL IN. Let’s Leverage Our Lives. Let’s Watch what God will do!