Jhi Main Event | 6th grade

Back by popular demand!
What: Main Event
When: Friday, February 4, 4:30-7 PM
Cost: $25, includes: 2 slices of pizza and fountain drink, Ropes, Laser Tag, $10 Arcade credit, Bowling and Shoes
Where: 10700 Davis Dr, Alpharetta, GA 30009
Transportation is not provided.

Due to safety reasons with venues and staff/volunteer coverage:
1. Do not drop off students who are not registered for the event.
2. If the venue is open to the public, any student dropped off without parent supervision will be asked to pick up their student from the event. We will not be responsible for anyone who is not registered.

Our heart is to keep students, staff/volunteers and our community safe and we ask that you help us in this endeavor. Although the start time is at 4:30, please come when you can. Staff wil be there until 7 PM, but if students wish to stay later with parent's supervision, that is totally fine. We will need to make that handoff at 7 PM.
Registration closes January 31.

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