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Children's Membership Class: October 28, 2023

This class is for children grade 5 and younger who acknowledge faith in Christ, are able to articulate faith in Christ, and are able to examine themselves before taking the Table. The class will help answer three questions: 1. What is the Gospel?, 2. What is the Church?, and 3. What is your story? This class will help prepare your child to take communion (and be baptized if not baptized as an infant). This is a one day event on the Saturday morning of the membership class weekend, from 8:30 am to noon (continental breakfast provided). Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a parent who is a Perimeter member. Our recommendation is that children grade 6 and older who are ready to become members of Perimeter Church opt for the adult membership class. Communing child members must complete the adult membership class and elder appointment by the age of 17 to remain a member of Perimeter Church. This child membership class is intended for children who were baptized as infants, have expressed interest in the Lord’s Supper and would be capable of examining their own hearts before taking the Table. Also, we recommend parents complete the membership process before registering their child. We want to help your child to become a communing, child member of Perimeter Church. And if your child has not been baptized, we want to answer your questions about that as well!

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Midtown Auditorium

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