Prepare to Roll Out a New Welcome Mat!

Perimeter Is Getting A Brand-New Atrium!

Although Perimeter has been blessed with amazing facilities, the heart of our church has never been about buildings or beautiful grounds. We view the church as a home-away-from-home for so many in our church and community.

Growth and learning happen here.

Heartfelt conversations happen here.

Serving others happens here.

Fun and games happen here.

Life happens here.

Therefore, we are redoing the entrance and foyer area to make it not only larger, but more open and inviting to everyone, all the time.

Why Is This Necessary?

While our campus is for the most part “complete,” any homeowner can tell you that maintenance is necessary and renovation is often advisable. As our main building is now 20 years old, it has become apparent that some updating and remodeling was in order.


  • Perimeter is a much larger church than it was when the building first opened its doors. We are literally bursting at the seams on Sunday morning with every square inch of community space being utilized.
  • The foyer which once was primarily used for getting into and out of the Sanctuary is now very much a meet and greet venue for families, members meeting guests, and for impromptu conversations.
  • Our building is truly open seven days a week. There are more than 51,000 events that meet on our campus each year.




For all of these reasons and more, the church leadership decided it was time to give the foyer a makeover. At the same time, the plans are designed to make it more open, more inviting, and more functional for friends and families to gather and connect.



Some information about the foyer renovation:


After the renovation, the foyer area will have approximately 9,000 square feet of new, enclosed space. There will be out-of-the-way areas of seating that make conversation and meetings possible as well as open space, which will help foot traffic flow more smoothly on Sundays and whenever large groups of people are in the building.


  • The new space will include a café similar to The Bricks Café, but with more drink and food options. Planning a school, ministry, or discipleship meeting? Now you can meet around meal times, getting your food from the café. Miss breakfast on a Sunday morning? You can grab a hearty snack on your way in the building or between services.


  • The renovations also provide for new bookstore, which will be a smaller and primarily provide Perimeter resources.
  • In addition, much of the hallway spaces on the main and upper floors — generally from the Chapel entrance through to the Bricks entrance— will get new paint and carpet .

New Pool Coming May 2017

We are currently expanding Perimeter’s pool and waterpark offerings to meet the growing demand of our ever-increasing number of Camp All-American campers each summer. We are currently maxed out and cannot expand the Camp until we expand our pools. As we expand for the Camp, we are also increasing the number of campers that will personally be exposed to the gospel at least seven times every week they attend. If a pool can be a gateway to sharing the gospel, then that’s an investment worth making!

This project is part of our ALL IN initiative. Funds given to the church from 2015 – 2017 are funding this and everything else our church does. From discipleship to church planting to ministry grants to training for our next generation leaders, ALL IN is the fuel God is using to ignite movements here and around the world.


To learn more ALL IN and its impact across Perimeter, the community, and the work, please go to