Care & Support

Below are some opportunities to build you up, help you better love on and lead others, and equip you to serve with your heads, hearts, and hands.  

Our Women's mentoring program follows the Titus 2 model of older women mentoring younger women. We have women of all ages participating.

If you have had an abortion and are hurting, your feelings are normal. You are not alone. We invite you to join our Post-Abortion Support Group where you will find care and understanding.

This workshop will model skills and questions that, with the Spirit's help, can reveal the underlying issue or concern. This is the "drawing out" process that helps lead to understanding. Jesus modeled this well - that loving others is moving toward the pain, not away.

We know that many in our community are hurting or struggling, and we want to help you. We offer many different ways to get support and encouragement through any of life's trials.