Core Classes at Perimeter

Perimeter's core class offerings are designed for answering your questions about the faith, learning more about how God uniquely designed you to be a part of His kingdom, and equipping you to share your faith and gifts with others! These classes are helpful to the whole congregation and may be especially good for those not ready for the commitment of joining a discipleship group. 


Four Weeks
Begins Sun | Jun 9

In this core course, you'll learn vital truths about the gospel, who God is and how we are to live before Him. You'll be immersed in the basic doctrines of our faith. This class is ideal for those investigating Christianity, as well as those who want to better understand these fundamental principles so they can lay a foundation for future growth. This class is open to anyone and is especially recommended for newcomers.


Four Weeks
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This course goes deeper into our basic theology. In this class you learn about the distinctives of reformed theology, the role of the local church in a believer’s life, the story of God’s covenant with His people, and what we believe about God’s Word. This class is open to anyone interested in going deeper into what we believe and why.


Four Weeks
Begins Sun | Apr 14

God designed each of us with different gifts, abilities, talents, and experiences. Learn how to use all of them to build a life of kingdom purpose. If you are interested in discovering what this might look like in your life and family, come join us for three Sunday mornings. 


Six Weeks
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This class will provide each participant with an understanding of the concept of worldview and show how our worldview makes a difference for how we think, imagine, and act in our day-to-day lives. We will compare and contrast the Christian worldview with other popular views and give reasons for why the Christian worldview is true.


Two Days
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Learn the tools for sharing the Gospel with friends and family in a non-threatening and effective way. Participants find this easy to learn and apply to everyday situations. This seminar is offered twice a year, typically in the spring and fall.


Nine Weeks
Groups will form in June

This study teaches people of all ages, economic levels and cultural backgrounds God’s perspective of managing money and possessions. Jesus spoke about money and stewardship more than any other topic. Find out why and how to be a good steward through a Compass Stewardship course.