A Season of Listening and Preparing

40 Days Of Prayer And Fasting

September 25 - November 3

Why This? Why Now?

Throughout Biblical history, God’s people have entered into seasons of fasting and prayer to seek the will of God. By withholding from ourselves something that is good - be it food, media, or some other indulgence - we seek something that is better. More filling. More satisfying. More necessary.


We are entering one of those seasons.


As we celebrate what God has done over the past 40 years and now seek and pray for what He will do going forward, we want to pause as a church to pray and fast over the next 40 day season.  


As a church, we are hungry to hear the will of God to be spoken to our hearts. He has a plan for how He wants us to IMPACT those that He has in our lives with the love and truth of the Gospel. But we must be still and listen so that God can reveal His will to us. 

How Do I Join In?

The goal is to be intentional about listening and preparing for the missional work that God is calling each of us to do in our relationships and in the places we live. Here are some ways to join in:


  • Use the Sign Up Now button above to
       - Commit to pray and/or fast for some period of time during the 40 Days
  • Use the 40 Days of Prayer Guide and Fasting Guide as resources to help you seek the Lord.
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  • Attend Prayer gatherings at the church or in the city near you.

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  • Church-wide Prayer Gatherings

    Sundays - 9:00 and 10:45 AM in the Prayer Room

    Tuesdays - 7:00 PM in the Prayer Room



  • Prayer Gatherings In Your Community

    Prayer meetings are being held in cities around Perimeter. Click the map to see one near you.

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