February 2016 Status Report

Perimeter believes strongly in transparency. We want everyone who pledges to go ALL IN to know where the money is going and what is happening because of it. And God is using every single ALL IN dollar and minute of prayer and service to accomplish great things. This page will be regularly updated to provide insight into the programs supported through ALL IN giving.


One of the hallmarks of Perimeter Church is its commitment to healthy church growth: Both in our church home and in churches around Atlanta and around the world. Read on for great stories about how your ALL IN involvement is promoting healthy church growth locally and globally.


Did You Miss It? In this video, see how Perimeter's partnership with churches around the globe is bringing light to the dark places. Also hear from Monte Starkes with an encouraging word about how your ALL IN investment is fueling healthy church growth in Atlanta and around the globe. 


The World Is Changing ... Thanks To You!

When we think of “the church” we often limit our vision to 9500 Medlock Bridge Road. But The Church - the bride of Christ - exists everywhere there are believers. Our goal as a church is to form strategic partnerships with local, like-minded Christian organizations around the world and help equip them to spread the Gospel in the way that speaks to their culture and people.  


You can choose to be "feet on the ground" by participating in a GO Journey and seeing the impact that Perimeter and ALL IN are having up-close and personal. But not everyone is called to go. Others are called to pray and send. So even if you never leave Atlanta, your ALL IN investments are reaching the four corners of the earth!


In 2015 through ALL IN giving, $1.2M was invested globally through Kingdom Investment grants. This was then matched for a grand total of $2.1M of worldwide investment that is being used for the sake of eternal kingdom impact! Below are some of the ways, your giving was used to fuel missions and missionaries around the globe. 

  • Bless The Cities And Next Generation
    ProEcclesia Emerging Leadership Internship
    Recipient of $32,800 Kingdom Investments matching grant

     “To see a movement of church planting by bringing churches together and intentionally investing in high-potential Emerging Leaders through a strategic residency program, mobilizing them to pray for the city, evangelize the lost, disciple the evangelized and gather the disciples to form new churches and multi-site locations.” -- ELI Mission


    ELI desires to plant dozens of churches all over the city. They are currently poised to plant five new churches over the next three years. Each of these churches will be led by Emerging Leaders who are coming out of ProEcclesia's ELI program.


    Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship, XPRESS Your Faith, and the Life Issues booklets are core ingredients in Emerging Leaders training.


    "[These tools are] incredibly useful in the Eastern European context, not only because [it is a deeply] relational culture, but also because [we have had] a complete lack of tools and knowledge as it relates to personal evangelism," said Nate Berry, Coordinator of ELI. With Perimeter's permission and help, ELI students are translating and contextualizing the Life Issues booklets so that it can be confidently used in evangelism in Poland.


    To learn more about ProEcclesia, visit their website at www.ProEcclesia.pl.


  • Bless the Next Generation
    Recipient of $22,500 Kingdom Investments matching grant

    Once students graduate from Wiphan schools, their education is either through or they must pay to continue attending government secondary schools. Through Wiphan's scholarship program, Wiphan school graduates are able to continue their educations with one very important stipulation - participation in Inshila, discipleship for teens. More than 150 Wiphan school graduates have said they are up to the challenge!


    Meet Ringson and Luke - two young men who came to Christ in the last year through the Inshala program.


    These two young men have grown rapidly in their relationship with the Lord. They have shown a passion and hunger for Jesus evidenced by their diligent study of His Word. At every Inshila meeting since coming to Christ, they have engaged Inshila leaders in discussions to answer the questions that come up as they study the Bible. In a recent conversation with Ringson, one of the leaders noticed that he had a small notebook with almost every page filled with scripture references from multiple books of the Bible with questions noted beside the verse. For example: If God said "Let us make man in our image" then why are some people born without arms or legs or mentally deficient? Does God have a body?


    As Ringson and Luke continue to seek God and gain an understanding of their identity in Christ, the Inshila leaders hope they will share their testimonies at a monthly meeting to encourage and inspire their peers. Wiphan's mission is to lead orphans and widows to Christ, to point them to the one true Hope and to trust God with the results. Inshila is the platform for building relationships that can lead to true discipleship and life change.


    To learn more about Wiphan, visit their website at www.wiphan.org.



Gospel Joy Surprises Unsuspecting Chick-fil-A Customers

On a recent trip to the US, Perimeter Church was blessed to experience Gospel Joy during a church service. But when they broke out in song at a local Chick-fil-A, the joy of the Gospel was spread to dozens of Duluth chicken fans!


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