ALL IN November 2015 Update

Perimeter believes strongly in transparency. We want everyone who pledges to go ALL IN to know where the money is going and what is happening because of it. And God is using every single ALL IN dollar and minute of prayer and service to accomplish great things. This page will be regularly updated to provide insight into the programs supported through ALL IN giving.


The last few months have been really busy - thanks to the generous contributions to ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives. Here is a brief update on many of the "front and center" initiatives that are fueled through ALL IN.

Did You Miss It? In this video, watch the story of Clarkston, GA with Brian Bollinger, Executive Director of Friends of Refugees. See how God's supreme plan readied the Atlanta-area community of Clarkston for thousands of refugees long before the refugee crisis was on the media's radar screen. 

Kingdom Investments Is ALL IN … All Over the Place!

Did you see the teaser in the bulletin insert about some amazing grants that Kingdom Investments made over the summer? Would you like to learn more? We thought so. Below are overviews of three organizations that have received significant grants through Kingdom Investments. These grants show how - even through KI grants - Perimeter is committed to its three areas of ministry focus: Blessing the Families, the Cities, and the Next Generation. 

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  • Bless the Families: Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett
    Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett
    Recipient of $250,000 Kingdom Investments matching grant

    Good Shepherd Medical Center just celebrated its 10th anniversary. They have spent all 10 years in the same building with the same 29 parking spaces - even though they now have 13 employees, 500 volunteers, and anticipate more than 17,000 patient visits in 2015.


    With the help of your ALL IN commitments, Perimeter Church was able to approve Good Shepherd’s request for a grant of $250,000 to help them purchase a new 13,000 square-foot property in Norcross. But purchasing the building is just the first step.


    After renovations are complete in the spring of 2016, Good Samaritan will be able to provide not just medical treatment, but also dental, pharmacy, and counseling services. In addition, they will continue blessing the next generation by hosting clinical rotations for pharmacy, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students who are learning about the real-world challenges of serving the medical needs of the poor.


    To learn more about Good Samaritan Gwinnett, visit their website at

  • Bless the Cities: Shalom City Church
    Shalom City Church
    Recipient of $100,000 Kingdom Investments matching grant

    Grove Park is a beautiful community three miles west of Georgia Tech although its potential that has been quieted and ravaged by racism, addictions, economic recession and crime. Nearly 30% of the buildings and houses are abandoned in disarray. Most of the residents live below the poverty line, and more than 20% are unemployed. In September, Pastor Danny Iverson, his wife Kimberly, and their six children formally launched Perimeter’s newest church plant in the middle of Grove Park: Shalom City Church.


    Your ALL IN support is giving Danny, Kimberly, and their launch team the freedom and time to grow indigenous leaders committed to establishing a multi-cultural and missional church. "Our prayer is that over the formative years of this new work we might become a true community Church that effectively includes and empowers the poor in its work and worship instead of merely serving them," said Danny.  


    These funds will be strategically invested in 3 areas: Evangelism, Discipleship and Leadership development.

    Today, each week a group of neighborhood residents - both new and old - meet to break bread, fellowship, and worship in the Iverson's home. This core group takes prayer walks, serves at community functions, and gets together for social outings. They work on each other's houses, watch each other's children, and give each other rides. But the heart of it all is building an authentic Christian community that crosses ethnic, racial, and socio-economic boundaries. 


    To learn more about Shalom City Church, visit their website at

  • Bless the Next Generation: Connections Homes
    Connections Homes
    Recipient of $29,500 Kingdom Investments matching grant

    When a child turns 18 or graduates from high school ... when they are no longer eligible to remain in the state’s foster care system ... what happens then? Within a year, many are homeless. Or pregnant. Or involved in sex trafficking. Or all three.


    What if, instead, these young adults experienced first-hand the power of belonging to a family - even after age 18. The simple things like calling home for a recipe, having someone to call when you've gotten a speeding ticket, and knowing that there's someone in this world who knows what your favorite meal is and will cook it for you. Every child deserves those things.


    Connection Homes is dedicated to connecting young adults who are alone and have aged out of foster care to caring, stable families with committed adults who will walk with them through life. They operate on three over-arching principles.


    • Lifelong Connections - When we say "forever" we mean it. We're committed to loving you, empowering you, and walking beside you forever. There will always be a welcome mat at our door for you.

    • Family-Based Homes - Our family-based home environments will serve as a healthy model for family and relationships.

    • Our Sons & Daughters - The young men and women who enter our homes aren't simply residents of a treatment or transitional facility - they are family. In our family, we commit to helping you find identity, belonging, acceptance and guidance.


    Within this framework, and as these young adults are making the important transition between childhood and adulthood, Connections Homes families are there to train, guide and direct these sons and daughters. Community mentors, peer relations, life skills, homemaking skills, and therapy will be among the areas where they receive guidance and training.


    Their grant will be used to help start up their program and train the families who will welcome these new sons and daughters into their forever families. 



    To learn more about Connections Homes, visit their website at