ALL IN AUGUST 2015 Update

A Note From Gordon Moore


As the Director of Support Ministries at Perimeter, I have the privilege (and responsibility) of providing leadership to the financial planning and budgeting processes of the church. As such, I want to invest every dollar that is gifted to this church in a way that honors God and in turn yields large Kingdom returns. I also want to ensure that you, as someone who has stepped forward to go ALL IN and leverage your life, know how your financial investment is being utilized and the progress being made towards our goals. 


The purpose of this report is to give you an idea of how each dollar invested in God’s work through Perimeter Church is leveraged to impact our core priorities to Bless the Familiesthe Cities, and the Next Generation. I believe you will be encouraged as you see the impact your ministry of giving to Perimeter Church is having in the church, the community, and around the world.


I sincerely thank you for your support in the people, programs, and ministries that are being invested in through ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives.


Gordon Moore
Director of Support Ministries

Where does $1 given to ALL IN go?

Did you miss it? In this video Kirk and Jennifer Stephens share their story of going ALL IN and Leveraging Their Lives. The Stephens family is blessing the next generation, blessing families ... and being blessed in the process.

Blessing the Cities: We’re Sending It Out

Are you surprised to know that 26¢ of each $1 is focused outward — directly to people and ministries and needs outside the walls of Perimeter Church?


  • Community Outreach (12¢) uses its funds for Camp All-American scholarships, Campus Outreach, Blessing the Cities, and iArts Academy. In addition a large portion of Community Outreach spending occurs through Kingdom Investment grants that are made to our ministry partners.
  • Global Outreach (6¢) focuses on going deep with our Global Partners through country partner support, global church planting, and mercy and justice ministries.
  • Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship (6¢) receives additional funds directly to ignite movements of Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship through churches in other global cities around the world.
  • Church Planting (2¢) has always been an important part of Perimeter’s vision. We continue to actively plant churches and support church planting work throughout Atlanta and nationally.

Blessing the Next Gen: We’re Paying It Forward

One of the stated goals of ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives is to invest in the next generation. Therefore, 18¢ of every dollar goes to invest in children, youth, leadership development, and related building renovations. We are investing in the lives of the next generation through:


  • KidsQuest and the new iArts Academy that is immersing children in the Word and worship through the arts
  • Leadership and life training for Camp All-American counselors
  • Our new Ministry Residents program which will equip the next generation of Christian family, city, and business leaders.

We also recognize that we would not be good stewards if we did not keep the Perimeter campus suited and equipped to support the needs and ministries of the next generation. Our desire is that this building is here — serving the ministry needs of our children and our children’s children — long after we are gone.



Blessing the Families: We’re Investing Inward to Go Outward

This portion of our budget focuses on Congregational Support (39¢) and Ministry Support (17¢). Congregational Support includes budgetary priorities such as:

Ministry Support includes such necessary items as:


  • Key, core staff positions (including salary and benefits)
  • Building maintenance
  • Utilities and day-to-day operations.

But even these "overhead" charges are having eternal, kingdom impact!


Imagine holding worship services without lights or sound or seats. 
Or reaching out to member families without a phone line.
Or any ministry trying to function without an Internet connection.

Every penny we spend, whether focused inward or outward, is ultimately designed to bless someone outside the four walls of the church. Thank you for going ALL IN and Leveraging Your Lives here in Atlanta and around the world!


Watch this video to catch a glimpse into the impact your investment through ALL IN is having on the lives of children in Zambia. For more information about this life-transforming ministry, check it out the video above.


Wiphan is an organization that seeks to improve the future for the widows and orphans that have been left behind in the wake of the AIDS epidemic in Zambia. Wiphan was founded by several believing Atlanta-area families that wanted to leverage their lives for greater Kingdom impact, including April and Harris Carlock of Perimeter Church. This ministry is supported in part by Perimeter’s Global Outreach and Kingdom Investment ministries.



Is stewardship only about how we use our money? If we are debt-free and have savings for the future, are we being the good stewards God is calling us to be? These are just a couple of the questions that are addressed in the Reimagine Stewardship small group study, produced by The Reimagine Group.


Check out an overview of the study by visiting the Reimagine Stewardship website. We are always looking for ways to bless the families of Perimeter Church and help them live the lives God has designed for them. Let us know what you think — and whether a study like this would be of interest to you by sending an email to

Contact Clint Demetriou if you have any questions or need more information

Clint Demetriou, Director of Generosity & Kingdom Investments
Work: 678.405.2254