February 2018 Progress Report

We've Leveraged Our Lives ...

The last five years have been incredible. Through that season, we were preparing Perimeter Church for such a time as this. With Year-End Gifts of more than $225,000, we closed out the ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives initiative with gifts totaling almost $69 million, which was just over $3 million shy of our goal. But because we did not spend more than we received, we are able to move forward into our next ALL IN effort without a deficit. 


Jeff Norris recently used a Family Update in our weekend service to celebrate God’s great provision; use this link to view Jeff’s update:


Jeff Norris gives an encouraging Family Update to close out ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives and usher in ALL IN: Kindom IMPACT

Community Outreach is Helping Improved the Lives of Men, Women, and Children in Greater Atlanta Because of Funding from ALL IN


Community Outreach

Who are we?


Our Vision

To help transform communities in which individuals and families experience spiritual, personal, social, and economic well-being through the demonstration of Christ's love.


Our Mission

Providing volunteer resources and serving as an intercessor on behalf of organizations serving the poor and marginalized in our community.


Areas of Focus

  • Education – tutoring, mentoring, homework clubs

  • Poverty – food, shelter, transitional housing, life skills, education

  • Justice – child trafficking, refugee ministry, sanctity of life

  • Family – safe families, foster care, adoption, young adult mentoring


In all four of the areas of focus above, our ultimate goal is to bring the people we serve into a life transforming encounter with God through tangible expressions of His love, provision and grace.

Be Encouraged!

Read some amazing stories of what we accomplished during ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives! Click on the image above to read the Community Outreach Ministry Overview. Other encouraging stories from ministries such as Global Outreach and Kingdom Investments can be found by clicking here => Ministry Updates


Now ... Who's Ready To Have Kingdom IMPACT?

Throughout the coming years, we are focusing on having eternal Kingdom IMPACT by giving the Gospel away to those around us. During these next two years in particular, the church will be equipping you to reach out to your friends and neighbors, inviting them to experience God’s people and God’s word.


"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." (Matthew 28:19-20, ESV)


God gives us a command (Go and make disciples) and a promise (I am with you).


Lean Forward and Flap
God will not challenge you to do something and then leave you hanging. That’s not God’s way. It is all about leaning forward in faith.


Randy Pope introduced the concept of Lean Forward and Flap when talking about doing something he finds hard or intimidating — like preaching a sermon!

  1. He knows that God has called him to do something hard.
  2. He walks up to the edge of obedience, leans forward, and flaps.
  3. God’s power then lifts him up and enables him to accomplish the thing that in the beginning seemed so intimidating.


Isn’t that what God is saying to us when he asks us to Greet new people, Befriend them, and Invite them to church? God is just asking you to do what Randy does every time he steps up to give a message: Lean Forward and Flap. And trust that the God will provide the wind that makes you fly! And remember …

You are responsible for the effort.

God is responsible for the outcome.

(Now isn't that a load off your mind?)

Lean Forward and Flap


"Attempt something so great for God, that it be doomed to failure, lest God be in it."
That's what we call Lean Forward and Flap!

Perimeter Family Serve Day:



If you wonder what the Impact of One looks like, consider Perimeter's Family Serve Day held on December 2. Here's what happens when a bunch of "Ones" get together to #LoveWhereYouLive. The Perimeter Church family:

- Packed toys for 950 kids

- Made 65 fleece blankets

- Assembled 1000 goodie bags and 1000 personal hygiene kits

- Created 500 art boxes

- Packed 100 Christmas Eve blessing bags

- Made 400 emergency kits

- Raised thousands of dollars through our Holiday Market to give back to our community.

Have you gone ALL IN to have Kingdom IMPACT?

It's never too late to go ALL IN. Although Pledge Sunday has passed, your opportunity to be a part of it has not. If you'd like to make a two-year pledge to ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT you still can!


Pledge via text: Text IMPACT and your total, two-year pledge amount to


For example, if you want to pledge $5,000 over two years, your pledge would be IMPACT 5000.

Would you like more information?

Please feel free to contact either Gordon or Bob for all information about ALL IN or answers to your questions:


Gordon Moore

Chief Financial Officer

Work: 678.405.2245



Bob Carithers

Generosity Ministry Liaion

Mobile: 678.699.3050



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