February 2019 Status Report

ALL IN is Perimeter’s initiative to ensure that everything we do — from the everyday to the above-and-beyond — is planned for and resourced through one fund. We invite anyone who calls Perimeter their church home to go ALL IN and be a part of the work God is doing to IMPACT the places where we live, work, and play. This report is a quarterly update that is sent to ALL IN donors and other key partners of Perimeter Church's ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative. 


Going ALL IN At Christmas

Christmas is all about the joy of giving. God delighted to give His only Son to us on Christmas, and He continues to delight in giving to His children today. And sometimes He chooses to use us to be His hands and feet. And when He does, we get to experience the joy of giving at Christmastime. That joy was spread all across North Atlanta this year.


On December 8, Perimeter hosted a favorite Christmas tradition — Holiday Serve Day. Because of decades of Perimeter members going ALL IN we have an amazing facility that is able to host thousands of members and visitors … adults, teens, and children … who are laughing and learning about the love of Christ through serving others.


Your ALL IN giving provided the seed money — about $12,000 — to get the ball rolling for Holiday Serve Day. On that day more than 700 people participated in service projects to benefit our community partners such as the Norcross Co-Op, North Gwinnett Cooperative, Duluth Hands of Christ, and Rainbow Village.

Holiday Serve Day truly was an opportunity for the whole community to come together. “We had people from Perimeter Church, the Rotary Club, and even high school service clubs helping us," said Debra Potter, Director of Community Outreach. "There’s just a whole mixture of people and some from other churches because it’s a tradition with their families.” 

Janice, a volunteer at the Norcross Co-Op’s Merry Market — where parents and caregivers could “shop” for free for gifts for the children in their families — was touched by the joy of the occasion. “I recall one young single lady who had just moved to Georgia and was shopping for her niece and nephew for whom she was now custodian,” says Janice. “She was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that she broke down in tears and gave me and my coworker a huge hug. I saw a number of volunteers working the check-out that day receive hugs and words of gratitude as families left the church that day. ”   

Holiday Serve Day Stats

The combined efforts of ALL IN giving, individual donations, and hours of service resulted in:

  • $6,000 in gift cards
  • Thousands in cash donations
  • 160 blankets 
  • 175 winter coats
  • 125 pairs of pjs 
  • 600 toys 
  • Volunteers assembled:
  • 150 cleaning supply kits
  • 500 art kits
  • 1,000 personal hygiene kits
  • 1,000 goodie bags and stocking stuffers

These were then given to our ministry partners to fuel outreach in these areas:

  • Norcross Co-Op was able to serve 600 families, including 1,700 children.
  • North Gwinnett Cooperative was able to provide for 430 children, 155 seniors, and provide 1,400 holiday meal boxes.
  • Duluth Hands of Christ was able to sponsor 206 children, 30 seniors, and 175 families.
  • Rainbow Village was able to provide Christmas gifts for 26 families, including 45 children — and children were able to “shop” without money for gifts for their parents!

Holiday Serve Day In The News


Perimeter was one of the first churches in Atlanta to step into the issue of human trafficking through its support of Wellspring Living, City of Refuge, and Street Grace. As part of the effort to combat trafficking and exploitation that tend to increase during major events, these organizations, with support from Perimeter and its members, sought to actively combat trafficking and exploitation in Atlanta in the days and weeks leading up to the Big Game. 

Click on image above to view a video from CBS-46 here in Atlanta which highlights Street Grace's efforts draw awareness to this issue.


City Team Update

Growing Roots in Peachtree Corners

But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare, you will find your welfare.
Jeremiah 29:7
The goal of the City Ministry Teams (CMTs) at Perimeter Church is to seek the welfare of the cities where God has placed us. But how do we do that? How do we know what "the welfare" of a city looks like? And could that differ from city to city?
The CMTs aim to find out.


Perimeter’s approach to City Ministry Teams is similar to the way God designed the Chinese bamboo tree. Spend a season of listening and learning — the human equivalent of watering and fertilizing. Because if you put in the work up front, you’re in a much better position to have IMPACT in the cities you want to serve.


CMT launches Peachtree Corners Assessment
Perimeter has chosen Peachtree Corners to be the first to go through this season of “listening and learning” under the tutelage and guidance of Seed to Oaks. Seed to Oaks is a ministry of Sojourn Church in Louisville, KY, whose desire is to impact their neighborhoods and help bring about the restoration God desires for his people. As part of that desire, they developed the 360º Assessment process, which helps church and business leaders dig deep into their neighborhoods and assess:


  • Local history
  • Community values
  • Demographics
  • Spiritual landscape
  • Cultural tensions
  • Strategic opportunities.

During this process, the Peachtree Corners Assessment Team — different from the City Ministry Team — will do an in-depth study of the city and compile their findings. These findings — the result of study, interviews, prayer, and observation — will help guide the Peachtree Corners CMT to the ways that their team can have the most impact in their specific city.
The Peachtree Corners assessment is starting now and will continue through the end of March. At that time, the CMT will launch its second city assessment. The first two assessments will be led by Seed to Oaks, but future assessments will led internally by Perimeter staff member, James Smith. The goal is to have five — or half — of the 360º Assessments completed by the Fall of 2019.
Want to get involved?
If you would like to get involved in the Peachtree Corners assessment, you may contact Darryl Jackson who is leading the Peachtree City Assessment Team. Each Assessment Team will be looking for:


  • A Statistician (1 volunteer)
  • Observers (3-4 volunteers)
  • Residents (3-4 volunteers, must live in Peachtree Corners)
  • Interviewers (1-3 volunteers)

Who Is My Neighbor in Peachtree Corners?

Population: 41,907
Average age: 36.4

Household Makeup

  • Married couples: 65%
  • Male head of household: 7%
  • Female head of household: 11%
  • Non-family unit: 17%



  • White: 51%
  • Black: 23%
  • Hispanic: 15%
  • Asian: 10%
  • 24% of children speak a foreign language at home
  • 20% of residents were born outside the US


  • Median household income: $66,905
  • Residents in poverty: 8.9% (including 13% of children and 3% of seniors) 



  • Owner occupied: 55%
  • Rental: 45%


Data from www.censusreporter.org

Northview 6:10

What Happens When Students Pray?


As most incredible things do, Northview 6:10 began as a dream. Literally.
Napoleon’s army stands facing the enemy. Instead of facing off, one against his counterpart, he chooses to focus all of his canons in one spot. By so doing, he decimated the opposing army in a single area until it could not defend it. Only then did he send in the cavalry. Thus, he had opened wide the door which allowed his cavalry behind enemy lines. 
What if the church learned a lesson from Napoleon? What if we focused 100 people praying for one thing? What if 100 students prayed for one school — even if it wasn’t their own? Could we break down walls of doubt and cynicism and open wide the door for community and sharing the gospel?

When Watershed Pastor Jeff Summers shared this vision with the Watershed leadership, they were on board.
“Our students are hungry to see God work and move,” said Jeff. “They want to see His power to know He’s real. They want to get beyond head knowledge.”
Which school should be the focus of their prayer artillery? Perimeter has a strong presence at several schools in the area, but not at Northview High School in Alpharetta, even though the school was less than three miles from the church.
But what it did have was Peter Lu and Alex Byman. Peter had led Alex to Christ just six months before, and the two young men wanted to impact their school for Christ. The two already were regulars at Perimeter's Northview Breakfast Club which regularly hosted 10-15 students from all backgrounds and faiths.
So all the students in Watershed pledged to cover Northview in prayer for a month.

  • A prayer calendar was set up, and students could sign up to pray in 30-minute increments from 6 AM – 10 PM.
  • Peter and Alex walked the halls with signs reading, “How can I pray for you?” and collected more than 100 prayer requests from their peers.
  • They picked up day-old doughnuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and brought them to school to pass out. Just call it donuts from Jesus.
  •  But after praying for Northview the entire month of October … did anything change? In a word, yes.

Breakfast Club is booming. The Northview Breakfast Club grew from 10-15 students to about 30 by the end of October. Muslim, atheist, Hindu, Jewish … students of all faiths are now attending.
Watershed is welcoming Northview. At the November 7 Watershed gathering, attendance was twice as large as normal and the estimate is that 30-40 of the 130 students were from Northview. Several students came to Christ that night, including at least one from Northview.
Watershed leadership and students are praying about which school to bombard with prayer next. The plan is to do one school each fall and another each spring.
“Our students saw God show up,” said Jeff. “When our students see that happen, it changes them.”


Why 6:30?

Pray from 6 AM – 10 PM

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

— Matthew 6:10

ALL IN Financial Updates

The first year of our ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative just wrapped up, and God has blessed our initiative immensely! Overall contributions continue to be ahead of projections. In fact, an incredibly strong December meant that we are more than $1.2 million ahead of projections for 2018. Yay God!


Actual Giving: $7,314,878
Projected Giving: $6,269,149

Giving Above Projections: $1,045,729

Actual Giving: $22,421,048
Projected Giving: $21,130,750
Giving Above Projections: $1,290,298


My Giving Story

In this series, we tell the stories of ALL IN donors who want to encourage the "Next Generation Givers" who will be fueling Perimeter's ministry through the coming decades. This quarter, we asked Pam Hamilton to share her journey as a widow with four boys, which involves both financial struggle and providential provision. 


“[God] has provided in so many ways that I only see tithing as a small token of trust that He’s got my needs covered.” — Pam Hamilton 


For some people, relying on God to provide for your needs is an abstract thought. But for Pam Hamilton, it was a reality that she faced soon after her husband, Scott, died in 2009. Pam was suddenly a single mother of four young boys, aged 1.5 to 10.  
“I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to stay in my home, let alone pay all the bills!” said Pam. “I just didn’t know what my financial landscape would look like. Fortunately, when the dust settled I was able to stay and budget out of Social Security Survivor benefits.” One of Pam’s first acts of thankfulness was tithing on her survivor benefits.
This discipline was learned early in Pam’s life. It began as putting her family’s money in the offering plate or giving her own coins during Sunday School. She remembers hearing a sermon or a talk in college that stressed the importance of tithing. The strong teaching on the subject continued when she attended Intown Community Church — a Perimeter Church plant — when Pam moved to Atlanta. So when she got her first job, she decided to start tithing. That habit continued throughout her adult life, through her marriage to Scott, and through the birth of their four boys.


For Pam, tithing and giving to others was a non-negotiable, even after Scott's death. “I count it as a spiritual discipline that reminds me that God owns everything, and He can provide for me in unexpected ways,” said Pam.
And God did provide for Pam after Scott’s death in many ways — some financial, and some not. From meals and help with the house and yard to a vehicle and a fund that helps her maintain the house that she was providentially able to keep, she sees it all as provision from God.
In addition to her giving directly to the church, Pam loves giving to Global Outreach journeys. And she gives in non-financial ways as well. Most Perimeter members know her as a much-beloved worship leader, and over the years she has been active in discipleship groups and in Perimeter School, where her boys attend.
 “I would encourage young people to start this habit early, even when they are making next to nothing,” said Pam. “You may think, ‘This isn’t a lot, and I need this money.’ But you’ll always feel like that. Being in a challenging financial situation actually is an opportunity for the Lord to show you how He can provide for your needs.”
Pam has a special place in her heart for those who are in hard places. Having been on the receiving end makes her especially attuned to others who may be struggling. Sometimes an act as simple as passing along a gift card can be a sign to someone that they are loved and their needs are seen. And it’s a way to show others what she has learned along her own broken road.
“ALL this is yours God,” said Pam. “And any deficit — I trust that You will make up for it.”

Have you gone ALL IN to have Kingdom IMPACT?

It's never too late to go ALL IN. Although Pledge Sunday has passed, your opportunity to be a part of it has not. If you'd like to make a pledge to ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT you still can!





Pledge via text: Text IMPACT and your total pledge amount to

For example, if you want to pledge $5,000, your text pledge would be IMPACT 5000.


Would you like more information?

Please feel free to contact Gordon or Jim for information about ALL IN or for answers to your questions:
Jim McCoun
Director of Kingdom Investments and Stewardship
Work: 678.405.2145

Gordon Moore
Chief Financial Officer
Work: 678.405.2245


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