November 2018 Progress Report

The Salvation Army is on the ground in hurricane-devastated areas in Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina. Thanks to your donations to Perimeter Church's disaster relief funds, we were able to send $15,000 directly to some of the hardest hit areas through our partnership with Salvation Army. On October 15, just a few days after the hurricane, the Salvation Army was already having an incredible impact, helping families get back on their feet:


  • 62 Mobile Feeding Units (Canteens) were in service on the ground feeding those impacted by the hurricane, first responders, and anyone needing a meal
  • 78,967 meals were served, and 66,711 drinks and 53,794 snacks were provided
  • 4,263 individuals had received emotional and spiritual care
  • 107 clean-up kits and 281 personal hygiene kits have been distributed



Kingdom Investments is helping families around Atlanta flourish through grants funded by ALL IN.


Click the image to hear how your ALL IN giving is impacting these ministry partners!


Raising a family can be hard in the best of circumstances.


Imagine doing it if you are jobless on the verge of being homeless.
Or a refugee who doesn't speak the language.
Or you're sick and can't afford medical insurance or care.


Perimeter's Kingdom Investments ministry supports like-minded ministries who are standing in the gap for families in the neighborhoods where we live. Their support can mean the difference between frustration and flourishing. 


  • Norcross Cooperative Ministry serves 50-70 families per day and helps clients transition from instability to self-supporting through food, clothing, housing, and employment assistance.
  • Friends of Refugees assists families from around the world who have resettled in the USA from areas of the world where they have endured abject poverty, religious or political persecution, violence and war.
  • Good Samaritan Health Center of Gwinnett is a lifeline for 25,000 patients each year who need quality primary medical and dental care, but don't have insurance. 

ALL IN Financial Update

The third quarter of our ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative just wrapped up, and overall contributions continue to be slightly ahead of projections. However, contributions did slow during the third quarter. Actual contributions in the third quarter of 2018 were about $120,000 behind where we anticipated they would be. However, strong giving in the first two quarters meant that we were still 1.6% ahead of projections for the year.


Actual Giving: $4,857,618
Projected Giving: $4,977,260
Giving Below Projections: ($119,642)


Actual Giving: $15,105,570
Projected Giving: $14,861,601 
Giving Above Projections: $243,969
Thank you for your sacrificial giving!
Let's end 2018 strong!

IMPACTING Perimeter and the World:

Perimeter Grows Next Gen Leaders Here in Johns Creek

Perimeter's Ministry Residents had fun and bonded over a session at Breakout Games — a popular escape room in Norcross.


"To make and deploy mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of Family, Community and Global transformation"

When Perimeter talks about "deploying mature and equipped followers of Christ" we're not just talking about our members. We're also talking about our Ministry Residents — young people who come to Perimeter to help figure out where they can serve God best — in ministry or in the marketplace — and what they need to do to prepare for that role. The staff at Perimeter just welcomed its fourth class of Ministry Residents in August, and those residents hit the ground running!

During their two years at Perimeter, Ministry Residents will:

  • gain real work experience working at the church in a ministry where they already have experience or a passion for serving
  • prepare for life after residency with workshops on resume-writing and leadership development programs
  • go deep in their faith through classes like Theological Foundations for Leaders and discipleship
  • build community that they would probably not experience so soon after college.


"Four days a week they work hard, pouring their efforts into the ministry where they work," said Christi Ambuehl, Director of Community Groups and Resident Development. "Then on Thursdays, they're being poured into through seminars, mentorship, workshops. The goal is for them to leave here after two years with a clearer picture of what God has planned for them."

That plan may include ministry right here at Perimeter. Currently five alumni of the residency program are now full-time employees at Perimeter. But the goal of the program isn't to recruit people to come work at Perimeter.

"It certainly gives them a leg up if, at the end of their residency their ministry is looking for someone," said Christi. "But that's not what we're looking for. We're not creating positions for them at the end of the residency."

Not all residents are recent college grads or are trying to figure out what they're going to do next. Some see their time as a resident as a bridge from one phase of life to another. Current second year resident Dustin Belue came to Perimeter after nine years on staff with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ).

"I felt the Lord calling me to pursue my (Masters of Divinity) degree and seek to become a pastor," said Belue. "I also wanted to continue to do ministry while in school. Jeff Norris, who I worked for with Cru at Alabama, told me about the residency and thought it might be a good fit for me in this transitional phase. It has been great and has allowed me to work with Jeff again!"

So, what is the point? Why would Perimeter invest so much in young people who are — most likely — going to leave after two years?

"What we're hoping that they'll get is that they'll be sincere worshippers, lifelong disciple-makers and disciple trainers," said Christi. "We want them prepared for whatever God has planned for them next."

The program began in 2015 and was part of the ALL IN:Leveraging Our Lives initiative. Each year the church chooses 10-12 residents from a pool of dozens of applicants to be a part of our two-year residency. Currently there are 20 graduates of the program and 21 current Ministry Residents.

Class of 2019

Dustin Belue (20s and College)
Sydney Bethune (Community Outreach)
Kevin Chung (Worship Leader)
Caitlin Clark (Watershed)
David Collins (Watershed)
Daniel Gastley (KIDS Town)
Evan LaForge (Camp All-American)
Kieran Mayer (Junior High)
Jay Nelson (Music Director)
Jon Whisenant (Sojourn)
John Williams (Worship Leader)

Class of 2020

Jesse Baize (Worship)
Preston Bates (Junior High)
Chloe Fullerton (Junior High)
Savannah Luben (Worship)
Rafael Montano (Camp & Sports)
Chase Pifer (Watershed)
Caroline Reynolds (Camp & Sports)
Luke Simpson (Camp & Sports)
Devin Thompson (Watershed)
Sarah Vargas (Community Outreach)

Residency Alumni: Where Are They Now?

At Perimeter Church:

Steven Barnes
Collin Baxter
Cameron Bible
Caleb Martin
James Smith


In Ministry:

Ainslie Bowling - Old Cutler Pres.
Caine D'Onofrio - Friendship Church
Avery Dodd - Christ Com. Church
Jaymi Hendrix - Roswell Pres.
Hannah Nowland - MTW in Greece
Joe Nowland - MTW in Greece
Cam Washington - St. Paul's Pres.
Sarah Wheless - Jamaica

Serving in the Marketplace:

Jenna Leigh Councill - Musician
Brandi Richardson - Staffing Professional
Katie Squiric - Word Music
Holly Stone - Aspiro Group Wilderness Therapy
Chandler Strong - Aspiro Group Wilderness Therapy

In Graduate School:

Brittany Bonnema - Vanderbilt
Erickson Joubert - RTS Orlando

Making Disciples

On Neighbor at a Time

Perimeter has always desired to be outward-focused and disciple-makers. While God designed Christians to live in community with one another, He also gave us the Great Commission. We are to share the Gospel with others and help bring about flourishing in the family, neighborhood, city, country, and world where God has placed us. This is the heart behind both the Greet, Befriend, and Invite movement at Perimeter and the City Ministry Teams which are currently forming.


But many Perimeter members are already hard at work being neighborly and introducing their friends and neighbors to Christ through Perimeter Church.

The Journey curriculum is designed especially with that charge in mind. Each week there is a “Mission” assignment which encourages participants to pray for specific non-believers in their circles of influence and to actively look for opportunities to reach out to them.
“With the Journey curriculum you’re confronted with it every week. Who are you praying for? Who do you want to see come to faith in Christ?” said Pollye Pope, who has been going through the Journey curriculum for 10 years. “I need to have seekers on my heart and my mind.” 
After an unplanned, unexpected life discussion with neighbor, Pollye started thinking about her relationships with the women in her neighborhood. Most were young moms like herself, but she didn’t really know where they were spiritually … or if they were even interested in spiritual things. She wanted to build stronger, deeper relationships with these women, but she also didn’t want to come on too strong. Maybe … just maybe … talking about spiritual things could help those relationships to grow and flourish rather than be a hindrance.
This thought gave Pollye the courage to ask several neighborhood moms of young kids if they wanted to meet at her house to go through The Answer. Pollye was surprised when so many said “Yes!”
So several pajama and yoga pant-clad moms gathered at Pollye’s house to read through The Answer. At the end of the book, the group didn’t want to break up, so they decided to go through the four Life Issues books.
When the group got to the third Life Issues book, her group started asking hard questions.
Do non-Christians really deserve eternal punishment? 
What about my mom? I love her, and she’s great. 
And my dad has always been faithful, but I wouldn’t say they follow Jesus. Are you telling me that they’re going to hell?
For the first time Pollye felt like she might be out of her depth. Of course, when you’re Randy Pope’s daughter-in-law, you have incredible back-up. The next week, Randy showed up and spent three hours answering her group’s questions.
“I’m so thankful that he’s made himself available to pour into these strangers,” said Pollye. “At the same time I’m thankful that my years at Perimeter and my time in Campus Outreach equipped me to do the same thing.”
That original prompt — that one heartfelt conversation with a neighbor — has born more fruit than Pollye could have imagined.
“Now when I look around at church on Sunday, I see my neighbors. Several of them have started coming. It’s not because I pressured them — I didn’t even know they were coming until I happened to see them — but because they wanted to,” said Pollye. One neighbor says she became a Christian during that book study last fall. Two other couples have come to Taste of Perimeter and one is going through membership.
But Pollye is loath to say that she did anything. She says that she was just being obedient to use the call to make disciples that we all have as members of the body of Christ.
“God did it all. I just provided the wine, the food, and the books.” 


My Giving Story

In this series, we want to tell the stories of ALL IN donors who will be the "Next Generation Givers," fueling Perimeter's ministry through the coming decades.

This quarter, we asked Casey and Elizabeth Wood to share their journey to becoming joyful, abundant givers. Casey is an elder, and both he and Elizabeth volunteer at the church and are involved in discipleship.


Casey and the Wood Family

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7, ESV

Casey Wood learned early that giving was important in God's economy. He was impacted in college by Charles Stanley's InTouch Ministry. So after college, while he was looking for a church home, he gave to that ministry so that others could also be impacted.

"When I first started giving I was happy to do it, but viewed it more as a responsibility and not as much of a benefit to me," said Casey. "Over time, through increasing my giving and offerings to other ministries, I’ve come to see that regular giving provides me great joy to help ministries God lays on my heart.  It also keeps me from becoming as consumed with money/possessions and keeps my focus on eternity."

Over the years, God has stretched the Wood family to step out in faith in their giving. The first time they ever made a faith pledge — a pledge that they had no idea how to fulfill without God's intervention and provision — was during the ALL IN:Leveraging Our Lives campaign.

"Randy challenged us to pray about a faith offering – promising to give an amount if God provided money above what we expected," said Casey. "Shortly after the campaign started my company was bought out and I got a larger bonus and was able to meet the full faith offering I pledged."

Although Casey says that there have been times of job uncertainty when it would have been tempting to reduce his giving, he and Elizabeth were confident that God didn't call them to be fearful ... but instead to be faithful.

And being faithful doesn't depend on whether you have a little or a lot.

"I would encourage others to start giving early even if it’s a small amount and then trust that God will provide for ways for you to give more over time," said Casey.


Welcome Jim McCoun

New Director of Kingdom Investments and Stewardship

On August 16, Jim McCoun stepped into the Annex office of Bob Carithers — the former Generosity Ministry Liaison. But he is also filling the spot left vacant when Kerima Haynes stepped down as Director of Kingdom Investments. 

That leaves Jim with some pretty big shoes to fill. But the 33-year veteran of the financial services industry feels that this next phase of his career is really a God-calling. Not just a new job.

"A big thrill for me is to witness others experience the JOY of giving!” said Jim. "Therefore I am challenged to offer that opportunity for all of Perimeter and future members as well."

Jim and his wife Sally have been members at Perimeter since 2009 — and drove 40 miles each way for six years to attend while they were living in Gainesville. Three years ago they moved into Suwanee, in part to be closer to the church. They have three grown children — Jake, SaraAnne, and Emily — and are doting grandparents to four grandchildren.

"One of my goals is to promote stewardship as a 24/7, 365 way of life — and not always from a financial perspective," said Jim.


Have you gone ALL IN to have Kingdom IMPACT?

It's never too late to go ALL IN. Although Pledge Sunday has passed, your opportunity to be a part of it has not. If you'd like to make a pledge to ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT you still can!


Pledge via text: Text IMPACT and your total pledge amount to 678.929.4050.

For example, if you want to pledge $5,000, your text pledge would be IMPACT 5000

Would You Like More Information?

Please feel free to contact Gordon or Jim for information about ALL IN or for answers to your questions:
Gordon Moore
Chief Financial Officer
Work: 678.405.2245
Jim McCoun
Director of Kingdom Investments and Stewardship
Work: 678.405.2145

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