Summer 2019 Status Report

ALL IN is Perimeter’s initiative to ensure that everything we do — from the everyday to the above-and-beyond — is planned for and resourced through one fund. We invite anyone who calls Perimeter their church home to go ALL IN and be a part of the work God is doing to IMPACT the places where we live, work, and play. This report is a quarterly update that is sent to ALL IN donors and other key partners of Perimeter Church's ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative. 


Project Child Is All Grown Up

Perimeter Ministries Show It Takes a Village to Change a Village

If you want to see the power of God using church to bless His people, travel to Karanse, a small village in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
Twenty years ago, the village was being decimated by AIDS, leaving dozens of widows and orphans behind. In the prevailing culture, widows had no value and orphans had no hope. This breakdown of community and lack of a safety net for the most vulnerable in Tanzanian society touched the heart of local pastor, Wariaeli Maphie.
Pastor Maphie realized that the key to improving the lives of the village’s youth was education. In order to improve the lives of the widows, they needed to become self-sufficient. Together, the plan to tie the futures of the widows and orphans to one another became the foundation for PUNCHWMI: the Poor Uneducated Children & Widows Ministry.
Project Child Is Born
The mortality rate for children in the region is one in five, and very few children ever graduated from primary school. Maphie partnered with Perimeter Christian School to open the Siha Leadership Academy (SLA) for the children of the village.
The school inspired a child sponsorship program called Project Child. Perimeter families adopted children who were either orphaned or who were among the poorest of the poor of the village. The sponsorship provided them with nutritious meals, clothing, and tuition to attend the new academy.
It Takes a Village…
Perimeter’s investment in Karanse was not limited to one group of people or one ministry. It truly was a village of people working together to change a village halfway around the world.


  • Over the last 15 years, hundreds of Perimeter members have gone to Karanse to help with the school, the village’s public library — the first in the district — and meet their "children" face to face.
  • Through PUNCHWMI, the widows of the village receive skills training so that they can become self-sufficient — and "adopt" the orphans of the village, giving these orphans a fresh start with a parent who cares for them.
  • Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship has been actively training local church leaders to invest in the lives of the villagers through discipleship.

But Project Child and Karanse are at a crossroads. Karanse’s turnaround is a stunning success:

  • SLA is consistently recognized as one of the top 5-10% of all schools in the country.
  • Its graduates frequently go on to higher education, many becoming teachers themselves.
  • The village is known throughout the region as the “Village of the Widows” — a safe haven for widows who need to rebuild their lives.
  • Doctors from Morehouse School of Medicine are now traveling to Karanse to provide physicals for the students at SLA — and soon to dozens of other schools.


UboraTZ and the Future of Project Child
But what now? Can the results experienced in Karanse be duplicated in other villages in Tanzania?
This dream fueled creation of UboraTZ — which literally means Excellence Tanzania.  This newly launched, faith-based non-profit has the vision of creating dozens of Karanses-like villages throughout the Siha District of Kilimanjaro.
"We have big plans for the area around Karanse," said Jerry Thames, member and elder at Perimeter Church.  Thames serves as the Post-Secondary Scholarship Team Lead for Project Child and is helping launch UboraTZ. "The Tanzanian people have seen what can be done and they want to replicate it in villages all around the area."
In order to fulfill the vision of transforming villages all around the Siha District, the leaders will need to work with private foundations, dozens of churches, and government agencies. These future plans are beyond anything that one church halfway around the world could fund or manage. Therefore, Project Child is making way for UboraTZ.
To learn more about UboraTZ and the work that God is doing in Tanzania and the ways you can be involved, please visit their website:

Summer Isn't Slow at Perimeter!

Click on the image above to view the Camp All-American celebration video that was created for Bright Lights camp scholarship fundraiser in 2017. To see more videos of camp stories — in celebration of the camp's 30th anniversary — click here

You've probably heard the Ella Fitzgerald song ... It's summertime and the livin' is easy.

Nothing could be further from the truth at Perimeter this summer! Our campus is buzzing with activity seven days a week. And our commitment to serving and reaching out to the communities around us certainly doesn't take a break for the summer! 

Jhi LINK — Junior High
Jhi is already known as a group focused on reaching out to kids in the community. About 65% of student attendance on Fridays in the Bricks comes from kids in the community who do not attend Perimeter. And this summer, Jhi is opening up its Summer LINK program to rising 6th grade students so they can get a better taste of what the program is like during the school year.
“A lot of what we do is word of mouth and encouraging our current students to reach out to their friends,” said Davon Stack, Director of Jhi. “I want middle school students from within the community to see Jhi LINK as a hub for connection while experiencing the Gospel in a way that is attractive because of our volunteer leaders and engaging program.”
Whatever Jhi is doing, it’s working. Davon says that in the last month alone, 28 students that attended Jhi LINK came to faith or rededicated their lives to Christ!
See the Jhi LINK summer schedule here. 
Volunteer at Jhi LINK by emailing Davon here. 

Watershed — Senior High
If you’ve been around Perimeter for any length of time, you know the number one Watershed event in the summer is RUSH! But even RUSH can be an opportunity to invite the community in to see what teens at Perimeter are up to.
“During our evening sessions, unchurched local kids come to see their friends in action — giving a talk or leading a song or dance,” said Emilio Hood, Director of Watershed.
But Watershed in the summer is oh, so much more than just RUSH! Watershed students are encouraged throughout the year to be invitational and introduce their friends to the church and the Gospel through these low-key, seeker-friendly Watershed social events:

  • Weekly Summer Sports League
  • Taco Tuesdays
  • June "Girls Only" Nights
  • Laser WASH at Stone Mountain
  • And more!

“We believe that WASH and Watershed events are a great first place to bring people, as the messages are gospel-focused and our events.

are fun,” said Emilio. “Though WASH so far this year, we have seen 12 students pray to receive Christ, most of whom we plugged into discipleship groups.”
See the Watershed summer schedule here

Perimeter Ballet
If you know of a ballerina in your neighborhood, there’s a good chance she has received training through the Perimeter Ballet program — even if she doesn’t go to Perimeter! Perimeter Ballet’s summer camps are a great way for even the littlest dancers to be introduced to ballet and the gospel!
“We definitely have dancers who were introduced to the church through our program and now attend Perimeter Church,” said Perimeter Ballet Company Administrator Robin Myers. “And we generally have a few older girls who attend our summer intensives and then join the program in the fall.”
Perimeter Ballet is unique in that it not only provides excellent, professional ballet training, but it also is very much a gospel outreach. The program “is committed to helping students grow in integrity and character as they seek to bring glory and honor to God as the giver of their talent.”  
See the Perimeter Ballet’s summer program here.
Community Events
Did you know that our Facilities group has more than 9,300 events scheduled on our campus during the 10 weeks of summer? Many of these activities engage the community outside our church.

  • Crossroads Career Ministry is open to anyone who is looking to advance their career or go through a career transition.
  • Celebrate Recovery and its teen counterpart, The Landing, help all comers who are dealing with destructive “hurts, habits, and hang-ups.”
  • Sojourn takes all types of organizations — from church groups to large corporations — through its unique leadership and team-building programs. (Click on the video below to see how they do it!)

Sojourn Adventures blends team-building, leadership training, and — when appropriate — the opportunity to share the gospel with faith-based and secular groups alike!

Atlanta Looks Forward to Final Four

Event-Centered Trafficking Crackdowns Continue

Perimeter's ALL IN partners Street Grace, Wellspring Living, and City of Refuge, were front and center in the effort to stop sex trafficking in Atlanta during the Super Bowl. Were they effective? According to FBI statistics:

  • 169 sex trafficking-related arrests were made in Atlanta in the 11 days leading up to the Super Bowl.
  • Arrests included 26 traffickers and 34 people attempting to engage in sex acts with minors as young as 14.
  • Eighteen victims were found, including nine juveniles as young as 14.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, widely heralded as a premier new sports venue, will be

host to many more significant sporting events in the future, including the NCAA Final Four in 2020. Atlanta leaders are taking a look at how sex trafficking was disrupted at the Final Four in Minneapolis this year. A sex trafficking sting in Minneapolis during the 2019 Final Four resulted in 58 arrests in four days. Another 28 victims were rescued in Minneapolis.
Look for more updates and ways you can get involved through our ALL IN partners closer to next spring's tournament. In the meantime, Street Grace has developed a website with ways that you can get involved and help stop trafficking in your neighborhood, your school, or your hotel.

Watershed Update

6:10 Initiative Reaches out to Duluth HS

[If you missed our first article about Watershed’s new 6:10 initiative, click here to learn about how Perimeter students decided to "pray unceasingly" for their peers at Northview High School.]

Watershed is at it again.

When the 6:10 Initiative launched in the fall of 2018, Watershed students chose to pray for a month for their peers at Northview High School. This spring, they focused on Duluth High School.
Although they learned some lessons about what not to do — FYI, starting a prayer initiative the week of spring break is a bad idea — they also have seen fruit from their heartfelt prayer for Duluth High:

  • About 30 students from Duluth High School showed up on the last day that Watershed students were praying for them.
  • New students are showing up at the Duluth High Breakfast Club — even the week right before finals, when attendance usually drops off noticeably.
  • About 15 students came to Saturday prayer walks at Duluth High.

Pastor of Student Families Jeff Summers said that Watershed leaders will take what they have learned from two 6:10 Initiatives and choose another area high school to pray for in the fall.
"There's still a lot of energy around this idea of students praying in a focused way on one school," said Jeff. "It's amazing to watch what God does when students pray."

ALL IN Financial Updates

It’s hard to believe we are more than 75% of the way through our ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative, Overall contributions continue to be ahead of projections. In fact, an incredibly strong December meant that we are more than $1.3 million ahead of projections for 2018. Yay God!


Actual Giving: $6,134,474
Projected Giving: $6,110,079
Giving Above Projections: $24,395

Actual Giving: $28,555,522
Projected Giving: $27,240,828
Giving Above Projections: $1,314,694


Our Giving Story: Matt and Kelly Gordon

In this series, we tell the stories of ALL IN donors who want to encourage the "Next Generation Givers" who will be fueling Perimeter's ministry through the coming decades. This quarter, we asked Matt and Kelly Gordon to share their giving journey which took some twists and turns over the years as their family grew and Kelly's employment changed. 

"It doesn't make sense. We can't track it on a spreadsheet. It doesn't add up, but God supplies and provides!" — The Gordons

When Matt and Kelly's family was smaller and both of them were working, they decided to start tithing. Kelly was a new believer when they started coming to Perimeter, and Matt became a believer here. Over the years they have invested not just their treasure, but also their time and talents at the church through discipleship, Perimeter Christian School, and the Young Families Ministry. But giving a full 10% tithe? Even with two incomes, it was huge deal and it was hard.

"We had given a little bit here and there, but we felt called to tithe back the 10%," they said. "It was a huge step of faith."

Now, years later, their family is much larger. They have five children between ages 6 and 14 — two girls and three boys. They have chosen to be very open with their children about the choices they have to make in order to continue to tithe and give sacrificially above the tithe as well.

"We have included our kids in decisions about what things to cut out or say no to so that we can say yes to giving," said the Gordons. "They are willing to make sacrifices when we can put a name and face to people that the church serves. It has been a blessing to see them grow and think about others instead of themselves."

But it wasn't always joyful, and it definitely wasn't always easy. During a season when Kelly stopped working to stay home with their kids, they decided to cut back on their giving. It seemed the prudent thing to do during this season of their lives.

"God used an incident in our lives to help us realize what we were doing and gently helped us to see His plan," they shared. "Randy has often talked about how tithing and keeping the Sabbath lead to tremendous blessing even when it is hard. We have seen God's faithfulness and blessing in keeping these two commands, even when it is hard."

The Gordons have chosen to see giving as a gift back to God, and getting to decide how to spend the remaining 90% a blessing.

"He was asking us to use 10% as a gift to the church to help her grow and impact His kingdom," they said. They said they are especially blessed by the way the church uses Kingdom Investments to bless people that have a special place in their hearts—like children in foster care and the children supported by PUNCHMI in Tanzania.

"We have been able to witness Kingdom Investments’ impact on ministries and it brings joy to see and hear how others are seeing the love of Jesus through our church," the Gordons said. In addition to their tithe, the Gordons have been on GO Journeys and have adopted a child in Tanzania through Project Child— now UboraTZ.

"If we stretch ourselves and do something God is asking of us, we need to step out in faith and know that God will be faithful and provide. It doesn't make sense, we can't track it on a spreadsheet, it doesn't add up, but God supplies and provides! Just watch Him work, it’s worth it. Trust that His blessings are abundant and give life satisfaction that money cannot."


Would you like more information?

Please feel free to contact Gordon or Jim for information about ALL IN or for answers to your questions:
Jim McCoun
Director of Kingdom Investments and Stewardship
Work: 678.405.2145

Gordon Moore
Chief Financial Officer
Work: 678.405.2245


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