A Letter from Randy Pope

Dear Perimeter Family and Friends,

In 2013, we as a body pledged go to ALL IN TO GO ALL OUT. We made the bold choice to connect all of our resources to accomplish our vision. Over that two year season, God has used ALL of you to accomplish so much:

  • Millions of dollars have been invested in local and global efforts for community transformation.

  • Women and children in Atlanta are safer from human trafficking for sex and slavery.

  • Children in our local schools, as well as in Africa and India, are being educated to help raise them out of poverty.

  • We are equipping local leaders to make disciples in 16 countries, a huge step in meeting our long-term goal to “Change the world by igniting movements of disciple-making churches.”

  • Our mortgage was fully retired, thus freeing up critical resources that now can be used for ministry support and outreach development.

In 2015 we launched phase two of ALL IN. This time, we challenged each other to Leverage Our Lives for the sake of eternal kingdom impact.  Leveraging our lives is not just about funding ministries and outreach — although that is a critical component necessary to accomplish our mission. But it’s about looking at our whole lives — what we have, who we are, and what we can do — and asking God to use us each as we are gifted.

For the next three years our church has pledged focus our efforts in three distinct areas. We want to:

  • Bless the Families

  • Bless the Cities

  • Bless the Next Generation

And each and every ministry that receives ALL IN funding is chosen because they support at least one of these critical areas of family, city, and next generation. Please click on the buttons below to see how God is using you and everyone who chooses to go ALL IN and Leverage Our Lives to eternally impact our community and our world.

Co-laboring with you in Christ,


We as a church believe strongly in supporting families of every shape and size. The bedrock of every community is made up of the families that are part of it.




We believe strongly that one of the best ways to serve the church family is to equip them to go out and Bless the Cities. We want to see Christ proclaimed around the corner and around the world.



As Perimeter nears its 40th anniversary, we are looking even more closely at how we can equip the next generation of church and community leaders for future challenges and opportunities.