Fall 2019 Investors' Report

As we near the end of our ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate what God has done using your generous investment. Below you will find stories of eternal IMPACT, hope, and next generation leadership. Because "back to school" is upon us, we are focusing on Perimeter's IMPACT on youth and education. But we as a church are ALL IN from Atlanta to Africa to Australia and back again. 


Save the Dates!

  • Randy Pope's Charge to the Congregation

    Services on Sat | Sep 21 and Sun | Sep 22

  • Jeff Norris Installation

    Sun | Sep 22 | 6:00 PM

  • In-Service Honoring of Randy and Carol Pope

    Both services on Sun | Oct 13 (no service on Sat | Oct 12)

  • Celebration Cookout for Randy and Carol

    Sun | Oct 13 | starting at 11 AM

  • Perimeter Vision Nights

    Sun | Oct 20 

    Thu | Oct 24

    Sun | Oct 27

    Sun | Nov 3

This is your last opportunity to hear the story of Perimeter Church told by Randy and Carol Pope at Taste of Perimeter! Register now and bring a friend and learn ... the rest of the story! 

Hop on the Bus, Gus!

Community Outreach Hosts Inaugural Celebration Tour

A significant number of the Psalms are dedicated to celebrating what God was doing in Israel or specifically in the life of the author. So we are taking our cue from David (and others!) to celebrate what God is doing in our communities using your ALL IN giving!

Community Outreach is holding its inaugural Celebration Tour on Saturday, September 7. The tour is hosted at Berkeley Lake Elementary School and will focus on Perimeter's partnerships with Kids Hope USA and Corners Outreach. Attendees will meet in the Atrium at Perimeter and then take a bus to Berkeley Lake Elementary.


  • KidsHope USA

    KidsHope USA is a program that works through churches to partner with local schools to pair up Christian mentors with kids who could benefit from having another invested adult in their lives. Perimeter Church serves six area elementary schools, and Kingdom Investments funds have helped expand the Kids Hope program into our area.

  • Corners Outreach

    Corners Outreach has been the recipient of several Kingdom Investments grants to help them grow and expand their wildly successful after-school programs. What started at Beaver Ridge Elementary School in 2012 now serves 635 children in eight Gwinnett and Dekalb County Title 1 elementary schools. Most recently, we helped them launch Corners Industries Lawn Services. The lawn service employs parents of children in their after-school programs and the profits help fund the program.

Interested in becoming a Kids Hope mentor? Are you already a mentor? There are training and equipping sessions coming up soon!

Celebrate Camp All-American's 30th Birthday!

Canoes rest for quiet moment next to Perimeter's lake before the week's 1,000 Camp All-American campers arrive. Click the image above to watch CAA's 30th Anniversary video!

How Is Perimeter Having Kingdom IMPACT at Back-to-School Time?

Back-to-School can be exciting for students. But it can also be difficult. For many kids, having a precarious family situation, not enough money for supplies, or simply moving to a new place can make the fall difficult. Perimeter is coming alongside schools and students in many different ways to ensure that this school year is the best yet. 

In Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, food and restful sleep are among the most basic physiological needs of all children, everywhere. Unless those needs are met, higher-level needs — such as those for relationships, love, and self-esteem — cannot be met.

Meals by Grace and Fill Ministries have worked in tandem to help alleviate hunger in families who are identified by their local schools as being food insecure. Because children who come to school hungry are less likely to thrive, Fill Ministries works with hundreds of donors and volunteers to gather food to deliver to families in Forsyth and Dawson counties. Meals by Grace delivers the food to the families weekly. 


In 2017, in part through a grant from Perimeter Church's Kingdom Investments, Fill Ministries was able to expand their food services to include fresh produce and fish. Their aquaponics farm in Cumming, GA, not only grows the food that is delivered to families, but it offers skills and job training to the families with the goal of becoming self-sustaining.

For the last month, Community Outreach has been working hard to make sure students in our area can start school prepared. But even though the backpacks have been filled and distributed, the work's not done! You can still serve in your local school and pray for any school, anywhere, at any time! For more ideas on ways you can serve in your community, visit the Community Outreach Training and Equipping web page!

In 2019, Fill Ministries and Meals by Grace partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Gwinnett) to provide bunk beds — including mattresses and a teddy bear! — to families with children sleeping on the floor, sofa, or with multiple children in a single bed. A grant from Kingdom Investments helped get them — and dozens of area children — literally off the ground.

"When school children do not get adequate sleep because they need beds, or they are hungry, they typically do not do well at school. Children are distracted by hunger, falling asleep in class, and sometimes even act out behaviorally," said Debra Potter, Director of Community Outreach. "With the grants given to Fill Ministries, children in Forsyth & Dawson counties will be able to snuggle into their very own beds with full tummies and wake up ready to reach their God-given potential!"

Perimeter is always looking for ways for different ministries to work together to fulfill strategic needs. This summer during the 2019 Rush conference, 100 Rush students volunteered at Fill Ministries harvesting food at the aquaponic farm and building beds with Sleep in Heavenly Peace! 

July 8-11, Perimeter threw open its doors to teens from several states for its annual Rush conference an entirely student-led event. What a week it was!

  • Who was there? 130 student leaders from Perimeter and 400 student attendees from 10 different churches
  • Does the church get loud and smelly with both Camp and Rush going on at the same time? YES! (But we don't care!)
  • What does it take to put on Rush? Those 130 student leaders spent over 3,500 hours preparing and learning how to be student leaders.
  • Does community serving happen during Rush? Well over 2,500 hours of serving happens at various mission projects.
  • What happens spiritually? Several students either experienced Christ for the first time or rededicated their life to walk closer with Christ. The stories have started to pour in!

"There was a student, rising sophomore, who came to the 6:10 WASH in the spring, heard the Gospel, and began wondering what would it mean to follow Jesus. At Rush, simply from seeing the joy in people around her — friends, Servant Team, staff — she decided she wanted what they have. So on Tuesday night, in the hotel lobby before we sent everyone up, I had the opportunity to pray with her to receive Christ! Today, not only is she signed up for discipleship but so is her younger sister!" 

— From a Rush student leader


A Q&A with Jhi Director Davon Stack

Q. What’s the most encouraging thing you’re seeing happening in Jhi these days? 

Davon: We have seen an increase in the number of community students — meaning non-Perimeter students —at Jhi LINK over the past year. We are averaging 200+ students each night! Alongside this, we are seeing Jhi LINK welcome more of the diverse community that we serve. We love that fact that LINK is a place where the world around us is beginning to show up.

Q. Give us the Jhi summer highlights. What all did y’all do to engage Perimeter and neighbor Jhi kids over the summer?

Davon: This was a busy summer!

  • We had Jhi Summer LINK in June and welcomed all of our rising 6th graders to the event. It was awesome as we had multiple field games and saw 40 students attend a Jhi event for the first time.
  • At the end of June we had Missions Week. We took 60 students to two different sites as we partnered with the Corners Outreach in Norcross/Peachtree Corners.
  • In July, 130 Jhi students attended Perimeter’s 2019 Rush Conference.
  • We finished off the year by taking 40 students and our new Ministry Residents to Six Flags.

Q. What is Jhi Missions Week? 
Davon: Missions Week is an opportunity for our students to experience more of the world around them. We take 60 students to The Corner’s Outreach, one of Perimeter’s partner ministries, to lead games, crafts, and reading sessions for students in the Peachtree Corners/Norcross area for a week. Water day is the BEST day, as evidenced by the photo above.
Q. What do you think are the big take-aways from Jhi Missions Week? What are the students saying about it?
Davon: Students love the way that Missions Week challenges them. Some of the feedback we’ve received were that they loved:

  • Getting out of their comfort zone
  • Seeing God use them as a leader
  • Connecting with other believers
  • Engaging with the community in which they live
  • Discovering their gifts and a place to serve year round

 Q. What's your next big event? 

Davon: Discipleship Kick-off Carnival is August 18. It’s going to be amazing and fun! The official kickoff of the new Jhi discipleship year is September 8. The first Jhi LINK of the school year is September 13 in the Bricks. Join us! 

ALL IN Financial Updates
It’s hard to believe we are more than 75% of the way through our ALL IN: Kingdom IMPACT initiative, Overall contributions continue to be ahead of projections. In fact, an incredibly strong December meant that we are more than $1.3 million ahead of projections for 2019. Yay God!


Actual Giving: $10,811,652
Projected Giving: $10,711,652
Giving Above Projections: $100,000

Actual Giving: $33,232,700
Projected Giving: $31,842,401
Giving Above Projections: $1,390,299

Our Giving Story:

Matt Heffner, Peter Lu,

and Investing in the Next Generation

We are taking a break from our regular story of a Next Gen family and their stewardship journey. This time, we want to introduce you to Matt Heffner — a Watershed d-group leader — and Peter Lu — a member of Matt's group. (In this picture, Peter is second from the right in the back row, and Matt is third from the left.) Together, they tell a compelling story of Kingdom IMPACT through stewardship of time, relationships, and resources. Enjoy!


In his fifth year as a discipleship group leader, Matt met a young man who stood out to him at once.
“I heard Peter’s testimony and heard about how he ministered to his friend Alex to lead him to Christ,” said Matt. “Then Peter and Alex led their friend Aiden to Christ.”
Matt saw this threesome becoming the core of his discipleship group, which can sometimes balloon to 15 or more. It’s not surprising that so many young men want to come. Matt is incredibly invested in the lives of all of the guys in his group.
“The Lord has seemed to bless me with some sort of ‘currency’ when it comes to dealing with high school students,” said Matt. “Being a single man, I do not find it hard to carry on discussions with them or spend extra time with them.”
“Matt to me is honestly like a brother,” said Peter. “He is someone I can go to for prayer requests and just catching up in life. He encourages me, and I also encourage him.”
Matt echoes Peter’s sentiment. When he lost his mother last year, he said his discipleship group came around him and supported him. And he makes it a point to support them as well, whether it’s at church, in someone’s home, or rooting in the stands. 
“I make it a point to attend every extra activity I can to be around my guys and encourage them,” said Matt. “From movie night to retreats and GO Journeys.”
It was a GO Journey that led Peter to stretch his stewardship wings. On one hand, he needed to raise the money for his trip to South Africa. But on the other hand, Peter considered it an opportunity to spread the word about his desire to spread the gospel and serve the people of South Africa while he was there.
“I wanted to tell people about the opportunity that they can have to partner with me financially and through prayer,” said Peter. He says that he loves the way that giving financially towards a common goal can really bring a community together. When he went to South Africa, he really felt like he wasn’t going alone. “So it’s not just me going on the trip alone but also my supporters with me,” said Peter.
Peter just left for the University of Georgia. But he’s taking with him all that he learned from the people — like Matt — who invested in him. And the people he invested in as well.
“You don’t ever really feel spiritually ready for something like this,” said Peter. “But I know that wherever I am in my walk with Christ, I will grow due to the new environment and my desire to live constantly for His glory and make a change for His kingdom.”
But Matt is confident that Peter is ready. “My prayer for Peter that he will find a few young men at UGA that he can minister to, and a few who can continue to mentor him.”
Back in Johns Creek, Matt looks forward to continuing to mentor his new group this fall. Alex and Aiden are back and will make up the core of this year’s group.
“Over the past two years in particular, I've been able to see much fruit come out of discipleship,” says Matt. “I’ve seen so much fruit. God’s faithfulness brings that fruit to a full yield.”

Would you like more information?

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