Randy Pope Recommends

Pastor Randy Pope

Founding Pastor and President of Life on Life Ministries

After teaching for more than 40 years, Randy has built up and created many great resources that people have requested over and over again. We have collected the most popular resources and have compiled them here for easy access. Please feel free to browse around and make use of anything you find.


A Remedy For A Disordered Life

Discover the timeless counsel of the Bible to slowly order you heart, so you can enjoy the benefits of an ordered life.

The Answer

Discover a greater purpose and more fulfilled life.

Finding Your Million Dollar Mate

Read six key principles for finding a "million dollar mate."


Bringing discipleship back to the local church

The Intentional Church

Written as a blueprint for pastors and church planters to help model a dynamic spirit of worship and servanthood

Life Issues Booklets

A set of four booklets that walk through the Gospel of John and answer common questions about Christianity

Next Steps Booklets

A set of four booklets to help new believers take the first steps of their spiritual journey

The Journey

The Journey curriculum is a gospel-centered resource for discipleship groups. Three full years of curriculum are available, and each year contains in-depth leader's guides and discipleship content to help disciple makers develop mature followers of Christ, who will be able to do the same with others.



Randy Pope's teaching on how Christians should respond when they are angry and/or disappointed with God


Read through the Old Testament once and New Testament twice in a two-year period with this Bible reading plan developed by Randy Pope.


If you have purchased The Answer, this handout will give you one idea on how you can initiate a conversation in order to share the book with someone.


Use this helpful tool to write your life purpose, mission, values, and personal and family goals.


Randy Pope's twelve family values that have shaped his marriage, family, and the next generation.


A sample week for how Randy Pope prays through his prayer list


Randy Pope's teaching on why church membership is important


Quote Randy mentions on "Blue" Knowing God Unit 1: The Sovereighty of God


Explaining the good news of the gospel

Grace vs. performance

What is life-on-life missional discipleship?



Randy Pope's teaching on how to live each day fully surrendered to God and how to plug in to the power the Holy Spirit can provide.


Randy Pope's teaching on the importance of the sabbath, using Exodus 20:8-11 and Deuteronomy 5:12-15 (NASB)


Randy Pope's teaching on the end times and the War of All Wars.

Sermon Series