Tish Cloninger

Tish Myrick Cloninger

March 13, 1952 – June 2, 2022


Tish (the Dish) Cloninger was born Tish Myrick, in Atlanta, GA, and soon thereafter moved to Fairhope, Alabama, where she grew up.  She eventually attended University of Alabama, graduating with both bachelor's and master’s degrees. She then moved back to the Mobile Bay area where she worked as a social worker. In her early years, and in college, Tish was introduced to the love of Jesus, but she (only somewhat successfully) resisted it. It was in Mobile, as an adult, that Tish was finally overwhelmed with that love, and began her passionate relationship with her King. She met Curt in Mobile and they married in 1984. For the first few years of marriage, Tish traveled the country with Curt as he performed his solo theatre. Soon, though, their two children were born and Tish transitioned into a full-time stay-at-home mom. She spectacularly raised Kappel and Lily (often while Curt was on the road). Kap (eventually!) turned into a fine, adventurous man of God. He went home to Jesus in 2016. Two years ago Lily and her husband Ridge selflessly moved from Nashville to help Curt care for Tish in her last years, as dementia overcame her. Lily and Ridge have two amazing young daughters, Poppy and Maggie. Because of her dementia, Tish, in her last years, barely knew her granddaughters. But they sure knew her.  And we promise to not let them forget their amazing “Dish”.    

In lieu of flowers, and if so moved, please consider a donation to Narrowgate Ministries, a discipling ministry for young men. Narrowgate has had an amazing influence on the Cloningers’ lives. https://raisedonors.com/narrowgate/nggeneral