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No matter the stage of life your family is in or the season of busyness your household is experiencing, communication across multiple generations can be tricky! Whether you have big kids, little kids, adult kids or you are the child now caring for the parent, communicating with the love and truth of the Gospel with intentionality can be challenging.


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  • Charting Role Reversals

    Charting Role Reversals

    Chris and Rebecca Little | Eric and Karen Tejeda | 2018-10-14

    Communicating with grace to your aging parent Although we'll always be our parents' children, Mom and Dad will ultimately become more dependent as physical or mental limitations set in and our new caregiver role carries us into uncharted waters. Whether the issues surround financial decisions, living situations or expectations, communicating with grace to your aging parent can be challenging. Chris and Rebecca Little, along with Eric and Karen Tejeda, are longtime Perimeter members and lay leaders. They will give practical advice in handling delicate conversations with loved ones whose independence isn't their own anymore.
  • Building A New Foundation

    Building A New Foundation

    Bill Wood | 2018-10-14

    Navigating a new relationship with your adult children: Your children may not need you to drive them to and from practice, do their laundry or even help them hash out an argument with friends, but as adults, they still need your love, guidance, and encouragement. Your relationship with them should be different than it was while you were raising them, but how does that play out in a practical sense? Perimeter's Director of Life on Life Ministries Bill Wood will share how we can build great relationships with our adult children by communicating with love and grace.
  • Establishing Trust

    Establishing Trust

    Jeff & Cami Summers | 2018-10-14

    Connecting through the teenage years: In the teen years, everything changes, and that includes how we communicate with our children. It is no longer enough to just be heard and obeyed, our goal in this season of life is to equip our teens with the skills for mature communication and that begins with a foundation of trust. Never has communication been more important, and never has communication been harder! Director of Watershed, Jeff Summers and his wife Cami, share their experiences as both parents and from years of working with students. They'll discuss some of the signs of bad communication, some goals and obstacles of good communication, and how to have hope even when your child doesn't seem to be talking or listening.
  • Building a Strong Foundation

    Building a Strong Foundation

    Garrett Moore | Wendy Williams | 2018-10-14

    The vital importance of good communication in the early years: During those young, formative years, our communication skills as parents are put to the test. We strive to go after their hearts, not just correct their behavior, but that's not always easy. Good communication takes time, intentionality, commitment and even inconvenience with not a lot of fruit on display. Perimeter Christian School educator Wendy Williams and Director of Young Families & Young Adults Ministries Garrett Moore will break down the fundamentals of communicating in the early years with humor, vulnerability, practical tips and advice.