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Seasons of Life Community for seniors 60 and over

Welcome! Experience a warm welcome and enjoy fellowship with like-minded worshipers each Sunday in the Victors class. Couples, singles, widows and widowers will find quick friends. Don't let the age designation limit you - the Victors are young at heart, enjoying events and activities together from Home Fellowships to retreats!

Victors meets from 8:30-9:00 AM on Sundays for fellowship 
Class will be from 9:00-10:20 AM
 in Room A2129-31.


Sunday Meeting Time/Location

8:30-9:00 AM - Fellowship

9:00-10:20 AM - Class

Room A2129-31 (Church's main level in the Old Alabama side of the building)



Who We Are

The Victors are mature believers in Jesus Christ with a mission to surround themselves in fellowship and prayer as life's joys and sorrows flow. Though many are longtime students in Scripture, all are eager to hear from knowledgeable speakers expand on scripture and life experiences. The lead teacher is Dr. Rae Mellichamp. Guest speakers include staff pastor Rev. Bob Carter, Bobby Scott (Director of Perimeter School) and Dr. Mike Lacona (world-renowned apologist/debater), as well as visits from the group-supported missionaries.




In light of Matthew 28:19-20 (to "go into all the world"), the Victors currently support global missionaries in Russia, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, and England. These missionaries visit when they can, lead the class, provide updates and insights from their experiences and share the good news of God's expanding Kingdom around the world.



Prayer and Care

Prayer and praise is important for the Victors. Special prayers are held when requested after class for those suffering from financial, physical or relational issues. Great relief and comfort come from the cards, calls, and prayers received from fellow class members during times of need.



Leadership Team:

Leader:  Sam Kiker

Assistant Leader:  Fred Schaltegger
Visitor Recognition:  Diana Bradley

Care and Concerns:  Anne Myers

Teacher Coordinator:  Dr. Rae Mellichamp

Single Ladies Outreach:  Joan Doyle

Retreat Planning:  Donna Smith, Diana Bradley

Refreshment Coordinator:  Marianne McCrory

Worship Hymn Leaders:  Jim Reynolds, Ray Dorsett, Bob Smith

Missions Committee:  Jack Kelly (Chairman), Ronnie Andrews, Wendell Saline 

Perimeter Staff Liaison:  Christi Ambuehl



Contact Us

For more information, email Diana Corday.