We invite you to pray with us for the many important life events in our congregation.


If you have an announcement such as a birth, passing of a loved one or chronic illness that you would like shared please email us.


You can also share your prayer requests online with the congregation on our Prayer Wall.

Current Congregational Announcements


February 19 - Archer Thomas, born to Beth and Brad Goodwin


February 19 - Gwendolyn “Gwen” Lucia, born to Angie and Jon Whitaker


February 20 - Elaine “Ellie”, born to Emily and Bob Sayle


February 25 - Liam Adam, adopted by Hannah and Brady Rinehart


February 27 - Jaden Asher, born to Mizy and James Juhn


February 28 - Virginia “Ginny” Anne, born to Erin and Jonathan Hillyard


March 6 - Emma Loraine, born to Justine and Aaron Toly


March 15 - Brooks Michael, born to Lauren and Michael Aletraris


March 19 - Kinley Rae, born to Bethany and Isaac Phillips


March 23 - Caroline Hope, born to Lindsay and Jesse Rhodenbaugh


April 5 - Scout Elizabeth, born to Michelle and Daniel Collins


April 13 - Cayden Wade, born to Marianne and Ryan Brown


January 5 - Ashley Holloman and Will Carter


February 23 - Mimms Hodges and Preston Thomas


Anita Mellot (Ankylosing Spondylitis)

Ashley Emigh (MS)

Ben Jackson (Parkinson’s Disease)

Carol Frey (Breast Cancer)

Carol Light (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)

Chuck McDowell (Colon Cancer)

David Hunter (Prostate Cancer)

David Schwartz (Prostate Cancer)

Gary Young (Appendiceal Cancer)

Jamie Cahill (MS)

Jan Anderson (Muscular Dystrophy)

Jan Locke (Tarlov Cyst Disease/Cervical Radiculopathy)

Jane Ratchford (Cancer)

Kirk Stephens (Colon Cancer)

Laura Madden (Breast Cancer)

Mark Wells (Meningioma brain tumor)

Myra Cargo (Lyme Disease & Toxic Mold Exposure)

Paul Kesmodel (Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer)

Sandi Cain ((Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma)

Sherry Watson (Chronic Migraines)

Titus Steere (Mitochondrial Disease/Dysautonomia)

Member Needs Daily Help

Female member with muscular dystrophy, is in need of several women to help with meal preparation, shopping, laundry, doctor visits and other daily activities. She also needs a caregiver who can stay overnight, and will consider a live-in arrangement. Peachtree Corners area. If interested, please contact Jan at 678.336.9955.