A safe environment in which to share prayer requests and concerns about the illness; a place to talk with other survivors and learn to live life with purpose.


Cancare is an organization that helps fight cancer with hope. It is a network of trained volunteers, cancer survivors, and medical professionals who work together to help those who are fighting cancer.



To improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families



Through collaboration with congregations, corporations, and hospitals, CanCare exists to bring resources of encouragement, companionship, information, and hope to cancer patients and their families.



CanCare of Houston, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Anne Shaw Turnage, a survivor since 1973 of colon cancer with liver metastasis. Anne had a vision to start an interfaith cancer support network based in area congregations that would train cancer survivors to work on-on-one with newly-diagnosed cancer patients. She began working with members of her congregation, and with the help of the Houston community, CanCare was formed.


CanCare's primary goal is to offer sensitive, compassionate support, offered free of charge through trained volutneers who themselves are cancer survivors or family members of survivors. Support volunteers are matched with individuals according to cancer type, treatment method, age, gender, and family situation.



  • To offer programs and services to help people struggling with cancer to reinvest in life and move toward quality of life.
  • To give quality time to cancer patients and family members to talk about their entire cancer experience, understanding that cancer affects all aspects of life - physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.
  • To enable congregations and corporations to provide programs that focus on caring for, understanding, and helping each person with cancer regain a full, normal life - living well and for as long as possible.

Program Services

  • One-on-one, long term emotional support to cancer patients and their families
  • Outreach visits to cancer patients at area hospitals
  • Information and resources
  • Support volunteer training
  • Support volunteer continuing education
  • Community education and support

Individuals Served

Through all of our programs and services, CanCare has touched the lives of over 510,000 individuals. We have trained 1,379 volunteers, with 622 active today.


Please contact Marti Vogt for more information 678.405.2277.