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College is a group of college-aged students and non-students who strive to be in Gospel-centered community in order that they can be more influential and effective in living out their faith on their campuses and workplaces in addition to gaining a deeper understanding of the Gospel in these formative years.


Singleness Redefined

Tuesdays | 7:30 PM | The Chapel

Ongoing - March 21

When God made man, he saw that it was not good for man to be alone and yet here we are. Alone. Single. Frustrated with our status, ashamed of our past, and fearful of our future, hearing everywhere from our culture that we are defined by a word. It is into this place of brokenness that the gospel offers us good news. Join us as we look at singleness, relationships, and love.

Small Groups

Small groups are ongoing. Interested? Email for more information about when and where groups meet!


We meet with Twenties on Tuesdays at 7:30 in the Chapel. Join us as we join them for a time of worship through song and teaching.