Tuesdays, Now - August 7, 7:30 PM, in the Fellowship Hall

Often, we think of spirituality as our individual experiences, disciplines, or beliefs. However, the Scriptures describe Christianity as life together: with Jesus, with one another, and with a mission to share his love with the world. Join us all summer as we explore this full, connected life we were made to experience!

Life Together Podcast

  • Holy Hands

    Holy Hands

    Caleb Click | 2018-07-24

    If we are a community who believes the good news about Jesus, we will be a people who go to Him again and again on behalf of one another. Is this happening? Do we even know how to pray for each other? If not, why not?
  • Called In Community: Finding A Church Home

    Called In Community: Finding A Church Home

    Randy Pope | 2018-07-17

    You play a vital role in building the community of God's people and expanding that community to reach neighbors and every nation! How has God uniquely created, called, and gifted you for this? How do you really walk that out in faith?
  • Lives on Lives

    Lives on Lives

    Garrett Moore | 2018-06-26

    In His final words, Jesus said, "go and make disciples." So, His followers worked together, imitated His pattern, and saw the gospel spread far beyond Jerusalem. If we teamed up for the sake of training disciples, how far could God take it this time?
  • A Peculiar People

    A Peculiar People

    Garrett Moore | 2018-06-05

    God said to his people in both the Old and New Testaments, "Be holy, for I am holy." What if being collectively committed to holiness actually made us more loving and merciful to others? What if holiness is more and better than we ever imagined?
  • A Shared Faith

    A Shared Faith

    Jeff Norris | 2018-06-19

    A people truly amazed by grace will share it. It permeates their conversations with one another, and with those who haven't yet heard the gospel. And as they embrace the awesome privilege of sharing, incredible things happen. So, are we amazed?
  • Neighborhood Justice

    Neighborhood Justice

    John Thompson | 2018-06-12

    The gospel changes perceptions about who is in or out of our group. What if it transformed us as a community to think of "the other" as neighbors and to labor together for their justice and flourishing?