Sanctity of Life


Human Coalition

Human Coalition is committed to ending abortion in America by rescuing children and serving families in key, abortion-riddled communities nationwide, because every human life - born and preborn - is a unique and precious work of divine art. We are change agents - not simply because we are against abortion but because we are for life.

A Beacon of Hope

The vision of A Beacon of Hope is to be the first resource chosen for unplanned pregnancy and sexual health decisions, saving the lives of the unborn and leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus. Our mission is to empower women and families by providing compassionate medical, emotional, and long-term care that specializes in hope, healing, and recovery.

City of Refuge

City of Refuge is a leader in the business of social transformation. We are located in the middle of one of Atlanta's most historic and struggling neighborhoods where nearly 40% of the residents live below the Federal Poverty Level. City of Refuge seeks to partner with individuals and families in crisis to clear a pathway out of poverty and into a thriving community.


We equip churches and families to meet the needs of orphans and foster children. We provide financial assistance, community support, and education all in an effort to fulfill the promise that “God sets the lonely into families” (Psalm 68:6).

Bethany Christian Adoption

Our mission is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services. Our services include adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling.

Connections Home

In cooperation with Promise686 - we can connect young adults, who are alone and have aged out of foster care, to caring, stable families with committed adults who will walk with them through life. 


(an internal ministry at Perimeter) - This ministry offers help to women who are experiencing difficulty as a result of a past abortion, through sensitive, compassionate, and confidential support.

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