Wedding Services & Guidelines

  • Wedding Coordinator

    Included in the fees paid and depending on the number of guests, 1 or 2 wedding coordinators will be assigned to coordinate your rehearsal and wedding.  If you choose to hire an outside coordinator to assist you with your wedding they are welcome to attend, however all coordination while onsite will be handled by the Perimeter wedding coordinator.

    Services which our coordinator(s) provide include:

    • Coordinate with the bride and groom's special needs and wishes.                              
    • Submit the reservation and notify you within two weeks of application.
    • Serve as a liaison between you and the church and help with set up instructions.
    • Be available to answer questions prior to your wedding.
    • Oversee decorating and catering to adhere to church guidelines.
    • Meet with you as needed to learn the details as stated above.
    • Direct activities and help plan the schedule if you have your reception at the church.


    Will be on site during all wedding preparations and activities.

  • Rehearsal

    The Perimeter coordinator(s) work in conjunction with the pastor to direct the rehearsal. Tech support is not on site for the rehearsal. An hour and one half is the amount of time allotted for a rehearsal. 

    *Please remind all attendees to take into account traffic and time of day. Please enter the church property off of 141/Peachtree Parkway. A gate will block the access to the chapel parking lot from the church entrance off of Old Alabama Road on weekdays. The chapel is the first building you reach when entering the parking lot from 141/Peachtree Parkway.

Vendor Guidelines & Policies

  • Photography/Videography Policies

    As the wedding ceremony is a service of worship, we allow no flash photography from the finish of the processional to the beginning of the recessional. The photographer may take non-flash pictures from the rear of the Chapel along the sides, up to and not farther forward than the stained glass window alcoves on each side. Photographers cannot be in the aisles or the seats at any time during the ceremony.  As the bride enters the photographer may be at the front of the Chapel with one knee on the floor until the bride is halfway down the aisle.

    It is strongly suggested that photographers and videographers are dressed in black attire with no ripped clothing.

    Video recording is allowed following the same placement guidelines as the photographer. An unmanned camera is allowed in a stationary location on the stage for the wedding service. The camera should be in place before guests are seated, at least 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

    Vendors must furnish all equipment such as extension cords, adaptors, etc.

  • Music

    Music used in connection with the ceremony should be in keeping with the sacredness and dignity of the wedding service. The Bridal party is responsible for hiring all the musicians and vocalists that will play/sing for the wedding. Please communicate the number of musicians to the Wedding Coordinator, so that the technical arrangements can be made. A large number of musicians and vocalists could require additional tech support at an additional cost.


    Music for the reception can be more secular in nature. All secular music to be played in the reception, by the wedding party, DJ or band should not have foul language or adult themes.

Catering and Reception

  • Furnishings and Accessories

    Included in your Ministry Center rental, we provide an initial set-up of tables and chairs according to your needs. The available furnishings are black banquet chairs with padded back and seats. The tables for guests are 60’ round tables which seat eight per table. The food and beverage serving tables are 8' rectangular tables. In meeting with your coordinator you will decide on number of tables and chairs and desired set up.

  • Reception Guidelines
    • Our kitchen facility is a warming kitchen, not full service kitchen. We ask that you not use the kitchen for extensive preparation of food, but simply as a room from which to serve food and wash dishes. The kitchen areas must be left clean and in good order after the wedding. 
    • The reception areas (Ministry Center and kitchen) may be booked for preparation and decoration for a maximum of seven hours prior to the start of the wedding.
    • There is a flower prep room and cooler available to the florist. All leftover flowers must be removed and the room left swept and clean.
    • The Perimeter facilities staff will set up the tables and chairs prior to your wedding. Please communicate with the Wedding Coordinator the room setup you desire so we can accommodate your desires.
    • All decorations must be approved by the Wedding coordinator in advance. We do not allow items that leave debris, (ex. hay bales, tree stumps, confetti, etc.)
    • All decorations are the responsibility of the wedding party to set up and take down. Any borrowed items must be put away. Any relocation of furniture must be approved and returned to its original location. All decorations must be removed immediately following the wedding service, including a dance floor.
    • The wedding party is responsible for providing their own utensils, paper goods, coffee and condiments. 
    • Music for the reception can be more secular in nature. All secular music to be played in the reception, by the wedding party, DJ, or band should not have foul language or adult themes.
    • No alcoholic beverages may be served at the reception or allowed on the church premises.
    • No smoking is allowed in any of the church facilities.
    • No red beverage may be used at receptions.
    • No glitter can be used as part of the decorations for the wedding or reception.  
    • As the bride and groom leave the church, we allow bubbles, birdseed, and rose petals to be thrown outside the church only. Sparklers and rice are not allowed.
    • All flowers, food, dance floors, and personal items must be removed immediately following the wedding and reception.
    • The church cannot be responsible for liable for personal items such as dresses, wraps, purses, silver, glassware or cameras that are brought into the church for use in a wedding or reception.
    • We are not able to offer nursery care for weddings.