Moms Connect

Encouragement and equipping for this demanding, sometimes overwhelming but so worth it, season of life.

Moms of little ones, please join us for a time of encouragement and fellowship as we cover topics that will not only offer you practical tips for parenting but also refresh you in your most challenging but rewarding role–Mom.

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Meeting Dates and Podcast: Moms Connect, The Little Years

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    Moms Connect

    Community Outreach Project

    Time: Thu, Dec 8 | 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM

    Moms Connect

    Christmas Brunch

    Time: Thu, Dec 15 | 9:30 AM - 11:45 AM

    Please check back for future dates if there are none listed here.

  • Podcast from Moms Connect, The Little Years

    Podcast - Moms Connect, The Little Years

    • Discipline For Littles

      Discipline For Littles

      Suzanne Nelson | Emily Dowling | 2021-11-11
    • Bargains and Budgets

      Bargains and Budgets

      Emily Barnes | 2021-10-21
    • Nourish Body and Soul

      Nourish Body and Soul

      Sarah Taylor | 2021-09-30
    • Anxiety in Children

      Anxiety in Children

      Robbie Sherrill | 2020-09-13
    • Adoption and Fostering

      Kelsey Dykes | 2020-04-30
    • There was trouble with the recording.

      There was trouble with the recording.

      So there will be no recording this week.
    • Marriage

      Sarah Taylor | 2020-04-16
    • Fueling Your Soul

      Fueling Your Soul

      Pollye Pope | 2020-02-27
    • A Mom\'s Story

      A Mom's Story

      Morgan Forrester | 2020-02-20
    • Child Development

      Child Development

      Chris Calamaro, CHOA | 2020-02-13
    • Financial Planning

      Financial Planning

      Tony Van Gelder | 2020-02-06
    • Children\'s Love Languages

      Children's Love Languages

      Martha McDermott | 2020-01-30
    • Transitioning, Adding a New Baby

      Transitioning, Adding a New Baby

      Erin Wood and Lindsay Rhodenbaugh | 2020-01-23
    • School Options

      School Options

      Panel Discussion Darin Jameson and Melissa Hayes | 2020-01-16
    • Mom Routines: Part Two

      Mom Routines: Part Two

      Margo Bass | 2020-01-09
    • Advent or Christmas Traditions

      Advent or Christmas Traditions

      Caitlin Goss and Panel | 2019-12-05
    • A Morning With Laura

      A Morning With Laura

      Laura Story Elvington | 2019-11-21
    • When The Hard Happens

      When The Hard Happens

      Vickie Day | 2019-10-31
    • When God Authors Your Story

      When God Authors Your Story

      Elizabeth Harwell | 2019-10-24
    • Friendship and Community

      Friendship and Community

      Melissa Thorson | 2019-10-17
    • Family Safety

      Family Safety

      John Creek Police | 2019-10-10
    • Family On Mission Together

      Family On Mission Together

      Sarah Taylor | 2019-10-03
    • Myers Briggs For Kids

      Myers Briggs For Kids

      Christi Ambeuhl | 2019-09-26
    • Praying For Your Children And Husband

      Praying For Your Children And Husband

      Karen Gilmore | Cheryl Flanagan | 2019-09-19