Rainbows is a proven program of weekly grief and loss support groups for children, adolescents, and teens. The program is designed to help these children deal with their feelings of grief and anger then constructively begin a new life. This program is not a counseling or therapy session. It is strictly a peer support group with caring, trained adults to guide.

The format of this program consists of twelve sessions divided into six-week sessions. Each session is built upon the previous one, so we encourage the child to attend each week.

Once a week for approximately 45 minutes, the children come together in small groups to discuss various topics in relation to their situation: Self, Trust, Anger, and Family. The children also will share in an activity and discussion that will focus on one of these topics. There is also the opportunity to learn and ask questions about God's love and healing grace.


Rainbows started in Chicago area schools in 1983. Since its inception, over 1,000,000 children have participated in Rainbows worldwide.


The Rainbow Groups will consist of up to five participants and a trained facilitator. Adult facilitators are trained by Rainbows to offer appropriate support and guidance through the introduction of coping skills and the use of Rainbows support material. All sessions stress confidentiality for both children and adults and are held once a week during the weekdays.


Register with Marti Vogt at MartiV@perimeter.org.