Christ-centered, clinically-informed counseling

For those times where kingdom flourishing feels out of reach.

We long to see people experience kingdom flourishing that happens only in right relationship with God, self, and neighbor. 

Our Approach

Our desire is to work alongside our Shepherding and Discipleship ministries, as each cares for members of our congregation in specific and necessary ways. 

Our counsel is rooted in the Scriptures and is sensitive to your story. We aim to be redemptive in purpose, holistic in care, and practical in application. 


We want to listen to you. Our focus is getting to know your unique story – the particular pain, suffering, unmet desires, and brokenness you’ve experienced. 

Since God is a God of redemption, your unique story is never wasted. We long to help you connect your unique story to God’s greater story, helping you find freedom and purpose.  


Our ultimate goal is lasting, God-glorifying heart transformation.

It is easier said than done. We are embodied souls, marred by suffering and sin. Our bodies have an effect on our hearts.

Anchored in the Scriptures and aided by research, our counseling considers the effects of the body upon the soul, and creates a plan for healing based on individual’s story and situation.


The gospel is not an abstract belief that just gets you into heaven. The Holy Spirit works in our lives in particular micro-moments throughout our days.

We focus on specific gospel application to everyday issues of life with simple strategies for help.

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Our Team

Caleb Martin

Director of Counseling

Caleb has worked on staff with Perimeter Church in various roles since 2010. He holds Master's degrees from Reformed Theological Seminary Atlanta (Biblical Studies) and Charlotte (Christian Counseling), and has extensive training in professional coaching. He primarily works with those struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, sexual issues, marriage and relational issues, trauma, and those struggling with faith. 

Karen Benater


Karen holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Louisiana State University and has worked in private practice as a Christian counselor in both Texas and Louisiana. She is certified as a biblical counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors. Karen has experience working with those struggling with depression and other mood concerns, anxiety, life-transition issues, marriage and relational issues, trauma, grief and loss, and those with concerns regarding their faith.

Ashley Cable

Associate Counselor

Ashley holds a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling from Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and a Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders from The University of Georgia. She also holds Advanced Degree Certification from the Association of Biblical Counselors. Ashley enjoys helping others bring the gospel to bear on all of life, with special focus on those facing chronic pain, marriage and parenting issues, infertility, anxiety, and depression. 

George Vaughan

Associate Counselor

George is a PCA Licensed Ruling Elder at Perimeter Church and holds a Master of Divinity and a Certificate of Biblical Counseling from Metro Atlanta Seminary. His frequent participation to support others through Elder care teams complements his education and experience to provide effective biblical counseling. George’s focus is to listen with empathy and grace, and to redirect clients toward the hope and healing that comes from the truth of the scriptures. Issues addressed include anxiety, depression, relational dynamics, addictions, and crisis of faith.



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