Engaged or thinking about getting married? Start your marriage on the best footing possible by investing five weeks with a mentor couple before you say, “I do.”

If you are interested in the Right Start class at Perimeter, please email Jamie for more information.


"Right Start" is designed for engaged couples and couples who are seriously contemplating spending their lives together. During their five weekly sessions, participants get to know their partner on a deeper level and gain invaluable information about their relationship. Out of class assignments strengthen marriage preparation by equipping couples to ask the right questions and realistically evaluate what a future together would look like. A mentoring relationship, which is only available to Perimeter Church members, enriches the experience for the participant couples by pairing them with an experienced married couple who provides them with encouragement and support. Through their participation in the Right Start seminar, couples who go on to marry have already built a strong foundation on which to start their lives together. They are better prepared for the challenges and joys that lie ahead and look forward to marriage with excitement.

The Right Start program: the premarital program consists of three parts:

- Classroom lectures (meets Sunday evenings from 4:00 - 7:00 PM)

- Homework and reading assignments

- Sessions with an experienced mentor couple before and after marriage


Each couple will be responsible for attending sessions, reading one textbook, and completing the couple workbook.  You will also take two Inventories: The "RightPath Profile" and "The Prepare Enrich Assessment."


The Right Start Seminar is organized into nine sessions focusing on key areas of marital life.  Seminar talks are presented by highly qualified professionals who teach important principles and practical application for enjoying a loving, growing marriage. Seminar topics include:

- Marriage is a Covenant
- Building Up One Another
- Communication
- Conflict Management
- Spiritual Intimacy
- Financial Stability
- Family / In-Laws
- Sexual Intimacy
- Emotional Intimacy



Recent Right Start participant couple


The mentoring aspect can be one of the most beneficial elements of the Right Start experience. Mentors are couples who come alongside participant couples by listening, supporting, encouraging, and sharing honestly with them. Mentors must meet the requirements of being married a minimum of five years and having completed training on how to best help participant couples with premarital preparation. Mentoring is currently only available for members of Perimeter Church.


Members of Perimeter Church: $199.00 (at least one person in the couple needs to be a member)
Non-members of Perimeter Church: $249.00

Priority for registration will be given to members.


If you find that none of the options above will work for you, this devotional book walks through many of the topics covered in the Right Start seminar. Packed with thoughtful questions and ample journaling space, it features 60 devotions to help couples clarify role expectations, establish a healthy sexual relationship, handle finances, and make Jesus the cornerstone of their lifelong bond. Each devotional ends with "Questions for Commitment."


For any questions, please contact Jamie Smith at Jamies@perimeter.org