Perimeter believes strongly in transparency. We want everyone who pledges to go ALL IN to know where the money is going and what is happening because of it. And God is using every single ALL IN dollar and minute of prayer and service to accomplish great things. This page will be regularly updated to provide insight into the programs supported through ALL IN giving.

ALL IN: Where We Are At A Glance

Recently I gave a report to the Perimeter Church Officers on the current status of ALL IN. I’d like to share a few points from that presentation here with you:
ALL IN Is Going Strong
Through April 2016, ALL IN giving is ahead of projections. We had anticipated that ALL IN Giving to date would be approximately $28.9 million. Instead we have received $30.7 million — $1.8 million ahead of projections.
Kingdom Investments’ Impact Is Incredible
Since its inception almost nine years ago, Kingdom Investments has made approximately $8 million in grants, which have been matched to create $16.2 million in impact.
Perimeter Stewards Your Gifts Well
According to the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), the average church spends 10% of its budget on external outreach and ministry. Perimeter spends 26% of its budget outside the church’s walls. That is the direct result of God working in the hearts of Perimeter’s members and stakeholders. And just as a reminder, 83% of Perimeter’s spending is supporting ministry - both inside and outside the church walls. Only 17% of our budget goes to overhead costs.
Thank You to Clint Demetriou ... and Welcome to Bob Carithers
On May 23, leadership in the Kingdom Investments and Generosity Ministry areas was reorganized. As part of this reorganization, Clint Demetriou will be stepping back from his full-time staff position and taking on a part-time lay leadership position focusing on Kingdom Investments. Bob Carithers will be taking over his role as the point person for Generosity Ministry donor relations.
I greatly appreciate Clint for his time here on staff and passion to continue as the lay leader of Kingdom Investments.  I asked him to take his staff role to a new level, just as Jon Cleveland did before him, and he exceeded my expectations.  In addition to his leadership gifts he has been a counselor and friend to me, all of which will be missed and were appreciated. I look forward to working with Bob Carithers in his new role with Generosity and believe God has uniquely gifted him for this ministry.
As always, please feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Gordon Moore
Director of Support Ministries
Work: 678.405.2245


Building Relationships:

It's Much More Than The Money

Leading a small non-profit can be lonely.


Very lonely.


Whether you’re just starting out or if you’re growing and expanding your reach, it’s very likely that not many of your friends know exactly where you’re coming from. Your banker friends or teacher friends or stay-at-home mom friends or police officer friends just can’t really know what it’s like to be you.

Now, imagine that you had a band of brothers (and sisters) who know where you are and what you struggle with. And what if you also had someone who was far ahead of you in the non-profit leadership life who was willing to pour into you and into your organization. How would that change your outlook and your energy level?
That’s what Kingdom Investments is seeking to do with 15 of its key ministry partners:

  • connect them laterally with other non-profit leaders
  • connect them vertically with a great leadership institute
  • so they can find community and opportunity for growth.


“We were seeing ministries with great vision but without the infrastructure to implement their ideas,” said Kerima Haynes, Operations Director of Kingdom Investments. “Even though KI is primarily a grant-making organization, our Ministry Team does not want to ‘drown’ any ministries by giving them money that they are not ready for.”

Kingdom Investments reached out to Ministry Ventures which exists to provide resources and coaching for faith-based non-profit ministry leaders. (Learn more about Ministry Ventures by clicking here.) At KI’s cost, 15 key ministry partner leaders are going through Ministry Ventures’ coaching program which will help them develop five key areas:

  • Communicating their Ministry Model
  • Fundraising
  • Board Development
  • Prayer
  • Administration


“Each class I attend I gain confidence in my ability to communicate about my ministry to those who know nothing about it,” said Dale Hokansen of Movers and Shakers. Movers and Shakers collects donated furniture and distributes it back out to needy and transitioning families.

All 15 leaders came together for their first training session on March 23 to work with Jon and Beth Bennett from Ministry Ventures and leaders from Kingdom Investments. “We observed them being energized by being together and sharing best practices, collaborating, and enjoying fellowship with each other,” said Haynes. “It was amazing to witness.”

Life on Life's March To A Million

Through our ALL IN Bless the Cities initiatives, Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship is providing much-needed leadership and discipleship training in global cities throughout the United States and the world. We have trained pastors and leaders from more than 200 churches, who have formed more than 1,000 Life-on-Life Missional Discipleship Groups. More than 5,000 key lay leaders have come out of these groups, and they are making our vision of seeing 1,000,000 worldwide disciples a reality.

Life on Life is fundamentally changing the way that Pastors:

  • think about planting new churches
  • invest spiritually in their lay people
  • impact their cities
  • see renewal take place

Did You Miss Our Video Update?

Click on the video image above to see the video that we showed in the May 22 weekend services. It is not specifically about ALL IN. However, in this video Tom and Sam Rhodes share how God has both challenged and blessed them at key points in their marriage to be faithful stewards. Theirs truly is a journey from fear to faith.



Ministry Ventures Invests In KI Ministry Partners

The following is a list of ministry partners and leaders who are participating in the Ministry Ventures leadership training:


Harris Carlock

The Lantern Project
Dan Koenig

Angela Williams

Movers & Shakers
Lee Williams
Dale Hokansen

SLIMS Africa
Jim Wernick

Shalom City Church (Grove Park)
Danny Iverson

Terminus Collective
Travis Vaughn
Roni Leahy

Community Outreach
Joe and Hannah Nowland

Jobs for Life
Keynon Akers

Metro Atlanta Seminary
Randy Schlichting

Corners Outreach
Travis Sanders
Larry Campbell

Atlanta Dream Center: Out of Darkness
Jeff Shaw