Looking Ahead to ALL IN's Final Year

The last two years have been filled with stories of provision, blessing, and impact. We heard about so many great stories of people being touched, saved and empowered that we felt like we needed to find a way to pull all of the stories together. So at the end of 2016 we created a web-based Impact Report. I encourage you to check it out if you haven't already. I promise, it will be worth every minute you invest in it.
Below you can see how we ended 2016 financially. Here are the Cliff Notes for you:

  • Actual December giving was slightly higher than our forecast ($3.528 million vs. $3.431 million)
  • Total ALL IN giving in 2016 was slightly under projections ($22.039 million vs. $22.671 million). 


However, because 2015 giving was very strong …

  • We are $1.716 million ahead of projections for the first two years of the three-year ALL IN: Leveraging Our Lives ($46.522 million vs. $44.806 million)


Now that we are in the final year of the campaign, I want to do everything I can to keep the fire burning. We don’t want to lose even a bit of the momentum that we have built up over the last two years. This year really will determine whether we are able to make all of the Kingdom investments we have planned.
And more than in previous years, Faith Pledges are going to play a major portion in our overall success. Did you make a Faith Pledge? If so, this might be a good time to ask God to provide whatever resources you will need to fulfill it. We understand that it truly is 100% up to God whether or not we meet the goals we have prayerfully set. As servants, we are called to listen to his prompting and to be obedient.
Thank you for everything you have invested in ALL IN. May you and your family be blessed with the knowledge that your Kingdom investments today are having eternal impact on your community, city, country, and world.
Gordon Moore
Director of Support Ministries

KI Is Kickin' It!

Your ALL IN giving is fueling incredible Kingdom impact through Kingdom Investments (KI). KI is the grant-making arm of the church. It exists to help like-minded churches and ministries in Atlanta and around the world so they can have the greatest amount of Kingdom impact. KI grants, when paired with required matching donations, are making a huge impact in all areas of our city and world.
Fiscal Year 2017, which began in September 2016, is shaping up to be one of the strongest yet for KI. Already KI has approved $630,000 in grants in just five months! Imagine what we as a body of believers can accomplish through ALL IN and KI if we finish the last year of the ALL IN campaign strong? How many more organizations can be blessed and provided the resources they need to spread the gospel, serve the poor, provide justice, and protect the vulnerable?
Already in FY2017 your investment in ALL IN is reaping huge dividends! Below is a sampling of the grants approved so far this fiscal year.


Do You Know the Impact You’re Making?

A few months ago we created an Impact Report. Think of it as an Annual Report for the church. We wanted a way to show people in words and pictures the impact that they are having on the world for the Kingdom through their ALL IN participation.
Did you see it? Do you want to see it again or share it with someone?
Click on the image below to be taken to the Impact Report webpage. Then share it with someone you think will be impacted by the story it tells.

It’s been said that the two most powerful words in the entire Bible are “But God…” X was happening, but God did Y.
Your X could be addiction, illness, depression, rebellion, divorce, or any of a thousand other events that could throw you for a loop. But God — often using his church and his people — chooses to reach through time and space and change the end of the story. We thought you would find this video encouraging. In it, your brothers and sisters at Perimeter talk about how God used the church and its ministries to change their lives.
All of this is possible because you and hundreds of others decided to go ALL IN and Leverage Your Life to impact others. Click the image above to see the video.


Can You Explain ALL IN in 30 Seconds?

ALL IN brings all of Perimeter’s people and resources together and leverages them to bless families, cities, and the next generation.
Giving to ALL IN fuels every single thing Perimeter Church does to reach out and serve thousands, if not millions, of lives both inside and outside the four walls of the church. It is incredibly well-stewarded. Eighty-three cents of every dollar invested at Perimeter goes directly to ministry. Our giving goal over the three years of 2015, 2016, and 2017 is 71 million dollars.
Our hope and desire is every member will participate using a combination of their time, talent, and treasure to further his or her faith walk and experience the blessings of a generous life.

Click below to see past ALL IN status reports.