Areopagus Forum

November Forum

Reconciling The Reality Of God And Evil: What Are The Options?
A presentation by

Dr. Paul Copan

Sponsored by The Areopagus and The C. S. Lewis Institute – Atlanta

If “God is great” and “God is good,” why is there so much evil and suffering in this world? Dr. Paul Copan, professor of analytic philosophy at Palm Beach Atlantic University, will explore this question at the next Forum. Dr. Copan is a theologian, apologist, and author/editor of more than 25 books on topics such as the philosophy of religion, Christian apologetics, science and Christianity, and the historicity of Jesus.

When: Thu | Nov 14 | 7:30 PM

Where: Perimeter Church | Midtown Auditorium

The Areopagus Forum series features lectures, debates and other presentations by outstanding Christian scholars, thinkers and activists, along with reviews and critiques of significant books and films. Forums often include a formal presentation and an extended Q&A session, and offer Christians a unique opportunity to interact with some of the great minds in contemporary Christianity.


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