Laying Spiritual Foundations

Birth - 5 Years

Are you expecting or adopting a baby? Cradle Care is a ministry of KidsRock where we seek to encourage and pray for the new parents in our congregation.

Please contact Michele Ginocchio so we can connect with you! 

About KidsRock

The Changing Station provides full diaper-changing facilities for up to six babies at once! We encourage parents to visit this room prior to dropping off your little one to see if a "change" is needed. 

The Filling Station offers nursing moms a quiet, comfortable place to nurse their babies and view a live, closed-circuit broadcast of the worship service (access through the Changing Station).

Child-size Bathrooms in each pre-school room feature split "Dutch" doors to provide both privacy and monitored adult supervision.

Indoor Playground is located at the entrance to the KidsRock environment. Allow your children to play while you enjoy fellowship with friends.

Family Parking Area: The Chapel parking lot is a designated parking area for expecting moms and parents with nursery and preschool-age children. It provides parents with strollers and small children easy access to the children's building and the nursery and preschool area.