Worshiping At Home


Worship does begin at home and children learn from the daily routines of their parents. When we thank God spontaneously for good weather or the beauty we see all around us, we are worshiping God. 

In preparation for corporate worship, begin getting the family prepared on Saturday. Lay out your clothes, Bible, and offering. Be positive in your discussions about going to church and try to reduce Sunday morning stress by assigning responsibilities to everyone. Wake up early, eat healthy, and talk about worship. 

Prayers don't always have to be spoken. Many songs are prayers in themselves. Read aloud the words of a song and point out that the song is for God. Encourage your child to close their eyes while they sing. Simple praise songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and "Deep and Wide" can encourage their hearts to desire to know God.

There are many meaningful ways to worship the Creator. A spiritual act of worship can come in the form of a praise song, an act of obedience, a service project, or even using our words to bring honor and glory to God.

"Oh be careful little ears what you hear..." Music truly is a gift from the Lord. Make wise decisions about what you play in the car and at home when little ears are listening. Their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything! Worship isn't just about singing! A great way to worship the King with your kids is to take them outside in the morning and praise God for the day! Ask them to point out the things they see as beautiful! You can even play "I spy" (i.e. I spy something tall and green) They will love guessing what "thing" you think is beautiful.