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Welcome to the Excitement!



What is KQ?

Welcome to KidsQuest, a high energy worship service for kids (1st-5th), teens, adults and families produced by kids, teens, adults and families!  KidsQuest brings everyone together to create a worship experience that is creative in a multitude of ways, while encouraging individuals to work together as a team producing this incredible experience. 



Get Involved

KidsQuest provides these opportunities for beginners, professionals, and even people who are investigating areas of interest to play a part of the special offering each week. Please feel free to investigate and inquire about any opportunities you'd be interested in.



When Is It Offered?

KidsQuest is offered every Sunday at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM in the KIDS Town Theatre. Each service is designed to engage our audience into the message and teaching in a way that connects with creativity, laughter, and excitement.