Join the Special Events Team
Is it your heart's desire to help families be welcomed well at Perimeter Church and be served well? We are looking to add to our Special Event's team that serves the children and families for those attending events other than Sunday morning worship. It is a paid position and is very flexible. If you are interested, please contact Karen Gilmore soon at KarenG@perimeter.org.

Special Events is a part of KIDS Town, Perimeter Church's Children's Ministry, that provides childcare and/or children's programming for a number of events for the church i.e. Women's Ministry (Women's Discipleship Groups, Bible Study, Moms & More & Coffee Talk), Taste of Perimeter, Membership Class and various other events that are scheduled through out the year. You can work various events and get paid $9 an hour. If you have children, you can bring your children with you to work. That means you don't have to pay or arrange for childcare. The minimum age for a worker is 14 years.

The Women's Ministry side of it is on Tuesday - Thursday mornings 9:15 AM - Noon and is the most structured because we usually will have the same children and same workers committed and building relationships. The other events vary on weekends, mornings, nights, evenings, etc. Special Events is flexible in that if & when you join the team, you can choose to be available and work an event or you can chose not to work that particular event.

The daytime events will run September - November, December & January - April. I also need substitutes to help out on Tuesday, Wednesday &/or Thursday mornings. The teachers are responsible for lining up a substitute if they are going to be out for any reason. As a substitute, you decide if you want to work or not. If you do commit to work for someone, you are expected to show up. If you committed to work and something came up that you couldn't work then you would be responsible for making every effort to get a substitute. All of the teachers and substitutes go through training which is yearly. We also have other events on weekends and nights at various points i.e. Membership Class, Taste of Perimeter and various other events scheduled through out the year. If you have children, your child(ren) would go into the room that is age appropriate for them and you would work in which ever room you are assigned. There may be time(s) that you are scheduled to work in your child's room. Sometimes that works out ok and other times, it's not the best situation for the parent and/or child. I don't know how flexible you would be or what you are looking for specifically.

I interview all of the new people prior to them attending training or working. Training is mandatory. Let me know if this is something that you might be interested in and/or if you know anyone else who would be interested This is not just limited to moms. I have husbands and wives who work with us, moms & daughters & moms & sons. What would your commitment level be? The top 2 requirements are: 1) You have to be a Christian. 2) You have to love children. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you. contact: For more information please contact Karen Gilmore, Special Events Children's Program Coordinator at KarenG@perimeter.org or 678.405.2162.