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No Miss Gail classes will be offered this fall at Perimeter.

Please contact Gail Burnett at for alterative locations.



Gail Burnett, "Miss Gail", will give your family the tools to nurture your child's musical life journey. Even as early as birth, children's brains are making important musical connections! It's all about exposing them to music in the right way, at the right time!  She teaches classes for 0-4.  See below to learn more! 



Where words fail, music speaks.

-Hans Christian Andersen


What Is Miss Gail Music?

Designed for children from birth through age four, this program's relaxed environment suits all ages and stages at the same time. Each child decides how and when to participate based on his or her own developmental level. Brothers and sisters will enjoy it together. Regardless of your musical background, you and your child will enjoy this diverse musical experience together. Participation is easy and fun as you model musical enjoyment for your child. Provided materials include Miss Gail's CD Active Music, Active Bodies, Active Brains.  The 23 track CD was on the 2015 Grammy Ballot and is a 2015 Teacher's Choice Award Winner!




In class, we sing, dance, keep steady beats, move, wiggle and match pitches ... all to help your child achieve 'primary musical development' ... but in a playful and age appropriate way! Even the youngest child benefits because, just as they learn language, they are 'soaking it in' like a sponge well before they are actually 'making music'.


Join us in this encouraging and energetic 'family music environment' as your child begins their musical journey!!!




I've heard that question thousands of times in the last ten years!  Every child is different, but generally, unless you are working with a teacher or program which incorporates 'play time' and a well thought-out, developmentally appropriate curriculum, you are wasting your money if you start them too young!  Formal lessons require children to have a good attention span, ensure that they will practice, and are 'mechanically' able to manage an instrument.  



Miss Gail Music CD Active Music, Active Bodies, Active Brains is required since the take home music is key to the process of helping your child in their musical journey!  The above fee is separate and not included in online registration. Please plan to pay this the first day of class - payable by check, cash or credit card. Checks should be made out to MISS GAIL MUSIC.


Class Materials are such an important part of your child's musical education!  You will listen to the CDs at home, in the car, and they will become part of your child's daily experience ... they reinforce what we are doing musically in class! For more info on Miss Gail and the Jumpin Jam Band shows, music and merchandise go to



Cancellations accepted only 7 days or more prior to the start date of class. We reserve the right to cancel/adjust class times, if necessary. You will receive a confirmation via email within two weeks of receipt of your registration and a WELCOME LETTER with details prior to the beginning of the semester.



All lessons are taught in the Lower Ballet room. Take the elevator down from the Office Entrance to the 1st floor. Turn right, and then left down the long sloping hallway. The Lower Ballet room is located at the end with two more right turns. You will be required to check in during school hours. Please check in at the Information Desk if your class is before 3:10 PM on a school day.



You can email Gail here.