at Perimeter Church

The Perimeter Church Special Needs Ministry (PCSNM) exists to express the love of Christ by serving and supporting families with special needs, both within the church and in our surrounding community.


Special Families need each other for empathy and support. The Support Group meets monthly to discuss needs, share information, and plan socials and educational programs.


If you are a mom of a child with special needs, you are a SuperMom! You are invited to join other SuperMoms for some pampering. Contact Marti Vogt to register.

  • Support Group

    Join husbands and wives the second Sunday of each month at 10:45 AM to share concerns and prayer for one another. One topic per meeting will be discussed while kids can enjoy being with others in GRACE KIDS.


    Call Marti Vogt for updates, 678.405.2277.

  • Respite

    The need for safe, quality childcare, so that parents can take much needed breaks, is fundamental. The lack of safe, affordable respite opportunities is the number one 'need' brought up by special needs parents. The PCSN Ministry is working on ways to provide respite for Special Families. Several ideas are under discussion, including short 'Breather-breaks' and longer overnight 'Getaways'. We are especially concerned with respite for single parents, who seldom get the opportunity for a break.


    Autumnsgift.org: Respite Services For Autistic Children & Their Families - click here .

  • Support

    The PCSN Ministry is now approved via Perimeter Church to raise money for special needs.  This applies not only to fundraising from businesses, but from individuals, who can now designate tax deductible gifts to the PCSN.  This function will be critical as we expand and enhance the ministry, especially in the respite area.

  • G.R.A.C.E. Kids

    Perimeter provides a contained classroom or an individual buddy for kids, ages 5-18, needing assistance during the 10:45 AM weekly church service. For more info, call Marti Vogt at 678.405.2277.

  • Special Events

    Occasional meetings will be held to discuss the issues that we all deal with, such as alternative therapies and legal preparations. Family pool days and Parent's Night Out will also be scheduled if interest is shown.


    Each year, the PCSN Ministry will have at least one family social event, such as a pool party or Easter Egg hunt, including our wonderful children.


    At least one 'adults only' party is necessary for our sanity.  These parties are for single parents and their guests, couples, adult caregivers - anyone but kids!


    Ideas such as a Men's Coffee and a monthly lunch bunch after church are being discussed and will be pursued based on interest.  All ideas are welcome!

  • Educational Programs

    PCSN Ministry will keep its members advised of various educational opportunities on special needs topics throughout the community. From time to time, PCSN will present its own seminars for the purpose of educating our members, the church, and the community.

  • Contacts

    Marti Vogt - Staff, Perimeter Church Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

    Erica Denmark, Autumn's Gift