Middle School Events

  • How to Subscribe to the Events Calendar

    Right-click on this link: Subscribe to the Middle School Calendar, choose Copy Link Address, then:

    in Apple Calendar: 

    1. Choose File > Add a new calendar subscription...

    2. Paste the calendar feed URL in the Calendar app.

    3. Name the calendar, choose the location (iCloud vs. On My Mac)

    4. Check the settings you want. 

    5. Important: Select the Auto-refresh duration as desired. Options: No, Every 5 minutes, Every 15 minutes, Every hour, Every day, Every week.

    6. Click OK.


    in Google Calendar: 

    1. From the web, visit calendar.google.com.

    2. Choose the + sign beside “Other Calendars” and choose “From URL” .

    3. Paste the calendar feed URL.

    4. Click Add Calendar.