Middle School LEAD

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What is the Middle School LEAD Team?

The Middle School? LEAD Team is an opportunity for Middle School students to be a servant leader using their gifts for God’s glory. The LEAD Team will provide opportunities to take ownership and leadership in the Middle School ministry through praying, reaching out to people, growing in your God-given gifts, and serving in an area of the ministry all for God’s glory!

Who can be on the Middle School LEAD Team?

Middle School students involved in LINK and regularly attend LIFE discipleship.

Who should be on the Middle School LEAD Team?

Middle School students who long to connect deeper with God and others. Students should have a desire to grow spiritually and in character while faithfully serving their middle school peers. 

Middle School LEAD Team students are Faithful, Available, and Teachable. What does that mean? It means that you are:
•    Faithful to the word of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the advancement of His gospel, and to leading and serving in all aspects of the Middle School Ministry.   
•    Available to make time to lead and serve in the Middle School Ministry and to take time to live out the gospel to those around you.
•    Teachable, meaning that you are willing to learn from other people, willing to change the way you think and do things, and willing to align your will with God's way of living.

Why Middle School LEAD?

LEAD exists to equip the next generation. Students will be provided leadership training and opportunities to apply what they learn by serving within the Middle School ministry and beyond.

The purpose of Middle School LEAD is to glorify God by leading students into a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ through their thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes. Student leadership has kingdom impact. The fact of the matter is that students can have a great impact on the lives within their church and community.

What does being on the Middle School LEAD Team look like?

Students involved in LEAD will have an additional level of involvement in the Middle School Ministry and opportunity to build greater community with their peers.  

The entire LEAD Team meets once a month from September to April from 6:30 - 7:30 PM on Sunday nights along with attending orientation during the month of August or September. These are special times to build community with the team! During this time, we provide experiential training and equipping, encouragement, and spiritual accountability. 

Students on ministry teams (worship and tech) will meet for additional training specific to building these skills and serve at a time determined by your leader. For example, if you are serving in Tech for LINK, you will meet about an hour before LINK starts on Friday nights. If you are on worship, you will meet during the week to rehearse.

All LEAD Team students will be expected to serve at LINK and LIFE with welcome, set up, and clean up including those that are on tech and worship unless you are scheduled to serve on your ministry team.  

Note: Students who audition and become a part of Worship Band rehearse weekly. They are still expected to attend the monthly Lead meetings.

We encourage our LEAD Team members to attend Membership Classes to gain further understanding of the mission and values of the church. Learn more about church membership.

If you have any questions contact us below.

We look forward to serving with you all this year!