Middle School Surge Retreat


7th and 8th grade students


January 13-16, 2023


Regular - $395


November 28, 2022

Note: Retreat has limited space and usually fills up before the deadline to register. 


Floridays Resort, Orlando, FL


Charter buses


Surge, our middle school retreat to Orlando, FL. is an opportunity for leaders and students to spend the long weekend together in worship, teaching, small groups and fellowship. This is one of the best relationship building weekends of the year, so invite a friend and join us as we explore God’s word; AND enjoy free time at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

The middle school Surge retreat has now moved to a waitlist based on space in rooms. Please email Renee.

What Does The Cost Include?

• 2-day park hopper tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure
•    Lodging and transportation
•    All meals except Friday dinner (fast food), Saturday dinner (Universal), Sunday lunch or dinner (Universal/Leader’s choice), and Monday lunch (fast food)
•    Plan to bring approximately $50 - $70 extra for meals and snacks at the park not included above and optional additional funds for souvenirs.  
•    Surge Retreat Swag Item

When do we leave on Friday?
  • We will leave at 12:15 PM on Friday, January 14. Students are expected to have already eaten or bring a packed lunch.

  • We will arrive back to Perimeter on Monday afternoon around 5 PM.  The church will be locked for the holiday and we cannot enter to grab anything left behind. Please plan accordingly.  

Is this a tech-free retreat?
  • Students are allowed to bring cell phones or other electronic devices, but must keep up with them and use them appropriately. Students will not have a lot of time to play with electronics other than on bus rides.  All devices will be collected by chaperones at bedtime to ensure that students (and leaders) get a good night’s sleep. 
  • Note: Perimeter Church, Universal Studios or Floridays Resort is not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen during your stay with us. Please do not bring items of significant value.

If you are interested in being a leader for the Surge Retreat, please complete the Leader Interest Form. Please note that for this retreat, first priority is given to leaders based on the representation of students attending from their discipleship groups. Leaders, encourage your students to register early!

Cancellation Policy

Registration can be cancelled anytime before registration closes for a full refund.  After registration closes, refunds will be provided if we can fill the cancelled student’s spot.

Important Info for Perimeter School Students
  • Students' names must be on Middle School roster by the deadline (or January 5 if on the waiting list).

  • This will serve as the form for a pre-arranged absence from the school for a half day. Nothing else is needed.

  • Students must be in school on Friday, January 14, and will be dismissed from classes at the end of fourth period.

  • Students must turn in all work in all classes: homework, projects, essays, etc. due on January 14 before leaving after fourth period.

  • Students are responsible to make up work or tests and get notes for Friday after fourth period. (At the teacher's discretion, a test may be taken before the student leaves.)

  • Luggage can be dropped in the rock wall pit at the Bricks before school.

  • Bookbags can be left in their locker, collected at check-in, or brought on the trip.

  • Perimeter Church will be locked on Monday so anything left behind on Friday, January 14 will not be accessible until Tuesday, January 18. 

  • Schedule

    Subject to change

    Friday, January 13
    • 11:30 AM: Check-In Starts 

      Students should eat lunch prior to arrival or bring packed lunch

    • 12:15 PM:  Depart from Perimeter 

    • 4:30 PM:  Dinner on the Road (fast food – student’s expense)

    • 9:00 PM:  Arrive at Hotel

    • 9:30 PM:  Session 1

    • 11:00 PM:  Lights Out

    Saturday, January 14
    • 8:00 AM:   Breakfast in the Hotel Rooms
    • 8:30 AM:   Bus pick-up for Universal
    • 12:00 PM:  Group Lunch Bubba Gump
    • 6:00 PM:    Dinner at the Park (student’s expense)
    • 8:00 PM:    Bus pick-up Universal
    • 9:00 PM:    Session 2
    • 10:00 PM:  Pool/Free Time
    • 11:00 PM:  Lights Out
    Sunday, January 15
    • 8:30 AM:    Group Breakfast in Meeting Room

    • 9:00 AM  Announcements & Worship/Meeting Room

    • 9:25 AM:    Personal Devotions

    • 10:00 AM:  Bus pick-up for Universal Studios

    • Lunch and Dinner in the park (1 meal student’s expense) 

    • 8:00 PM:     Bus pick-up at Universal Studios

    • 9:00 PM:     Session 3

    • 10:00 PM:   Small Group

    • 10:20 PM:   Free Time

    • 11:00 PM:   Lights Out

    Monday, January 16
    • 7:30 AM:   Breakfast in Hotel Rooms

    • 8:00 AM:   Load bus and depart Hotel

    • 12:00 PM:  Lunch on road (student’s expense)

    • 5:00 PM:    Estimated arrival at Perimeter

      Students will call if time will be different.

  • Packing List
    • Money (approx. $20) for 2 fast food meals on the road (Friday dinner and Monday lunch)

    • Money (approx. $30) for 2 meals at the park (Saturday dinner & Sunday lunch or dinner)

    • Money for snacks and souvenirs (optional)

    • Pillow and travel blanket (optional for bus ride)

    • Water Bottle (refillable)

    • Toiletries

    • Comfortable walking shoes

    • Warm jacket, rain jacket/poncho and pants for potential cold weather and/or rain

    • Swimsuit/Trunks 

    • Small bag/backpack to carry around the park

    • Cell phone, camera, etc. (optional)

    • Sunscreen, sunglasses or hat

    • Pen and journal

  • Registration

    The middle school Surge retreat has now moved to a waitlist based on space in rooms. Please email Renee.

    • Deadline to register: November 28, 2022. Note: Retreat has limited space and usually fills up before the deadline to register. 

    • The total amount owed for each student is due immediately upon registering online. If you need to apply for a scholarship, set up a payment plan, are full-time staff, or pay by check, do not proceed to the registration page. Email Renee for instructions. 

    • A limited amount of scholarship funds are available to students who wish to attend the trip, but are not able to due to financial constraints.  Scholarship requests must be requested by the registration close date in order to be considered. Please request the Scholarship Assistance form from Renee. Once received, we will provide further instructions. 

    • If you wish to bless another student by donating to our Retreat Scholarship Fund, you may do so here. Any amount you are able to give is appreciated! Donations assist our ministry in providing more students the opportunity to attend our retreats. All donations are tax-deductible.