Parent U Coffee Talk

A quick and intimate discussion about parenting with the gospel in mind

Looking for wisdom for parenting a teen or tween? Jeff Summers, pastor of Student Families, and his wife, Cami, are discussing the sanctifying experience of parenting through this critical stage of life.

Life can be so busy when you are raising teens and tweens. It’s easy to feel alone and tired. That’s why community is so important!  Jeff and Cami invite you to Coffee Talk—quick and intimate discussions about parenting with the gospel in mind. In these weekly 10-minute conversations, the Summers will share parenting wisdom and discussion points to help you connect with your kids. Parenting teens can be sanctifying, but you are not alone! 

You can get find the weekly episodes on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and YouTube. Tune in, and join the discussion in our Parent U Facebook community.

We also have recordings from our semi-annual Parent University seminars. Click the button below to listen to those.