Monday - Friday: 6:15 AM - 1:15 PM
Saturdays: Closed
Sundays: 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Located in Perimeter's Bricks Building, the Bricks Café brings you a welcoming space that encourages and fosters community growth, as we are a great spot for meetings and a great spot to come serve. We are located upstairs above the Hanger in the Bricks Building, between the Student Ministries offices and the Shed.


We aim to serve all of Perimeter Church by providing premium coffee and snacks in an atmosphere that fosters spiritual and community growth. We believe it is our responsibility to bless and protect the coffee growers. We do this by purchasing only fair trade coffee and through raising awareness, while also providing ways to get involved against the exploitation of farmers.


We believe in craftsmanship, which means no automation in our espresso beverage process. Each cup of milk is craftily steamed by our employees. Each shot of espresso is extracted using what is considered "the Ferrari of espresso machines", our La Marzocco Espresso Machine, namely Camilla! Each beverage is brought to you in care and consistency.


We proudly partner with and brew coffee from both Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company and Phoenix Community Coffee. The beans are hand sorted by farmers at Land of a Thousand Hills! You can be assured that you are receiving excellent 100% Arabica coffee and espresso while also joining in blessing the coffee farming communities.


We are a friendly bunch, enjoying conversation with all. Come taste specialty coffee and enjoy our spiritual oasis for yourself, with your friends, and with your groups. We welcome all to the Bricks Café!


  • New At The BRICKS Cafe

    Phoenix Community Coffee

    Now brewing Phoenix Medium Roast Coffee. We are excited to bring on Phoenix Community Coffee alongside our Land of a Thousand Hills. Phoenix seeks to provide relief domestically and support international farmers. Learn more at:


    12oz Coffee Bags

    Now offering 12oz bags of whole bean coffee to brew at home from Land of a Thousand Hills and Phoenix Community Coffee. We can grind your beans here! Also available for purchase at the Perimeter Bookstore.


    Purchase by the Pound

    Kira Ikawa Rwandan Dark Roast Coffee, Phoenix Medium Roast Coffee, Brazilian Decaf Coffee, and Vooba Vooba Espresso are now available to purchase by the pound at the Bricks Café.


    Chemex Pour-Over

    Experience pure tasting coffee with our new Chemex Pour-Over. Your personal cup of coffee brewed in 5 minutes!


    Fountain Drinks

    The 32 oz is LARGE! Your favorite flavors in more sizes and with refills.


    Soy Milk

    Thick, sweet, and Dairy-Free!


  • Events

    Friday Night BRICKS

    This event is open to Jhi students, 6th-8th grade. Open hours with access to the Café are from 8:00-10:00 PM. Visit The BRICKS Page for more information.


    The Jhi ministry is also looking for leaders to serve during this event. Visit The BRICKS Volunteer Page.


    Your Event

    If you would like to use Café resources for your event held in the Perimeter Church building, please contact us. If your event is outside of normal Café hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.


  • Volunteer

    Have you always wondered how to get involved in the Art of Coffee? Are you interested in learning barista skills?


    Would you like to serve the church - both Perimeter Church and the church abroad?


    We are always open to volunteers! Whether you are a Jhi student and would like to serve on the Café Team during Friday Night Bricks, or you are someone looking to serve during our regular open hours, we have a place for you.


    No experience necessary, we will teach you everything you need to know!


    If you would like to volunteer, please email


  • Coffee Requests

    If you would like to put in an order request or would like to use Café resources for your event, please email


Contact Us

Peter Narayan

General Manager



The Bricks Cafe observes the same holidays as the rest of the church offices and staff.