About Our Coffee

About Our Coffee


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We now proudly brew both Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee and Phoenix Community Coffee. With our knowledge of exploitation in the coffee world and our hearts that seek justice, we partnered with these two companies that work directly with the farmers and support them. To bless and protect coffee growers we purchase only fair trade and above so farmers can support their families at living wage. In order to bring you the best cup of coffee, we only purchase premium whole bean coffee. We hope you enjoy each cup with serve to you!


Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company

As we are called to demonstrate beneficence, generosity, loving-kindness, and sharing the gospel, we sought and first found Land of a Thousand Hills. Land of a Thousand Hills is about changing the coffee farming communities. Land of a Thousand Hills works directly with the farmers, training them in how to make excellent coffee while also paying a just Living Wage. Exploitation is stopped; farmers are being rewarded wages according to their efforts.

The company also partners with local community leaders and pastors, helping to spread the gospel. Reconciliation is sparked in Rwanda, and other countries, such as Haiti and Thailand, are being reached to end the exploitation and start community growth.


Phoenix Community Coffee Company

New to the Bricks Café, we are impressed with their excellent coffee and also their model "Cycle of Relief". Phoenix set out with a mission to provide relief for life transformation in the coffee world. They buy from farmers directly which ensures daily wages over 300% more than other farms. Through their "Cycle of Relief", each bag sold resources domestic relief projects such as ending commercial exploitation of children, ending homelessness, restoring abuse victims, supporting single mothers, and much more. You can be sure you are drinking great coffee for a great cause.


If you would like to purchase coffee or use Cafe resources for you event at Perimeter Church, please contact us at PeterN@perimeter.org. If your event is outside of normal Café hours, we will do our best to accommodate you.


To learn more about Land of a Thousand Hills and Phoenix Community Coffee check out the following links below:




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The Bricks Café observes the same holidays as the rest of the church offices and staff.