High School Events

  • How To Subscribe To The Event Calendar

    Right-click on this link: Subscribe to the High School Calendar, choose Copy Link Address, then:

    in Google Calendar: 

    • From the web, visit calendar.google.com.
    • Choose the + sign beside “Other Calendars” and choose “From URL” .
    • Paste the calendar feed URL.
    • Click Add Calendar.


    in Apple Calendar: 

    • Choose File > Add a new calendar subscription...
    • Paste the calendar feed URL in the Calendar app.
    • Name the calendar, choose the location (iCloud vs. On My Mac)
    • Check the settings you want. 
    • Important: Select the Auto-refresh duration as desired. Options: No, Every 5 minutes, Every 15 minutes, Every hour, Every day, Every week.
    • Click OK.