We are sorry to announce that the 2017 Jumpin’ Jam Christmas show is canceled. Miss Gail had a serious injury to her shoulder resulting in surgery. Under doctor’s orders, she isn’t allowed to jump, freeze dance, pat her head, chase a gingerbread man, or even hold a mic or trip and fall over kids for 4 months!   
Miss Gail would personally like to apologize to all the kids. We will be back next year and the JJ Band Christmas CDs are available in the Perimeter Bookstore! 

Gail Burnett, "Miss Gail", will give your family the tools to nurture your child's musical life journey. Even as early as birth, children's brains are making important musical connections! It's all about exposing them to music in the right way, at the right time!  She teaches classes for 0-5 (Early Childhood Music).