Sunday Morning Community Groups

Sunday Morning Communities meet weekly at the church facilities for the purpose of assimilating new people into the church family, establishing social relationships with others, and experiencing biblical equipping. The groups vary in programming, content and composition (often by age and stage of life).  There is a Sunday morning community for you - choose the one that fits you best!

Young Marrieds

Sundays @ 10:45 AM 

This community is for married couples in their early years of marriage. The ministry is designed to help you get on the right trajectory and to build meaningful community with other young married couples. more...

Young Families

Monthly Sundays @ 10:45 AM in the Ministry Center (September through May)

Young Families Sunday is a great opportunity for you to engage in conversation and receive equipping on the key issues encountered in the early years of parenting. more...


Sundays @ 10:45 AM in A2138

Young Families Class is for couples who have either young children, expecting or planning to start a family in the near future and single parents with young children. 

Cross Connection

Sunday mornings 9:00 - 10:15 AM in Building A, Room 2132-2133.
Cross Connection sits together in the upper balcony for the 10:45 AM service.

Cross Connection is a group of mid-life single adults.  more..


Sundays @ 9:00 AM in the Ministry Center

Singles and couples will enjoy the opportunities for fellowship and Bible study that this community provides. If you are looking to grow in your faith and to develop friendships, Harvesters is the community for you! more...


Sundays in A2129-31
Fellowship: 8:30-9:00 AM
Class: 9:00-10:20 AM

The Victors Community is made up of fun-loving, faithful people who will make you feel right at home. The majority of people involved in this community are seasoned empty-nesters, who joyfully devote their time and talents to serve in the church's various ministries. They fill the room with heart-filled singing and enthusiasm for learning from God's Word. more...

ICC - International Community Connect

Sundays @ 10:45 AM-12:00 PM, Upper Level, in A3224 

Perimeter Church welcomes internationals into our community and celebrates the opportunity to bridge cultural gaps and enrich learning from multi-ethnic groups. more...