Harvesters Vision Statement

  • What guides the community?

    Harvesters operate under the same purpose and vision as that of Perimeter Church. Therefore it exists as a community to:

    “Glorify God and to enjoy Him.”


    The vision is also reflective of Perimeter Church:

    “To make and deploy mature and equipped followers of Christ for the sake of family, community, and global transformation.”


  • Who keeps the community on target?

    A leadership team, under the guidance of church staff, works closely with its teacher to guide and direct Harvesters. 


    To accomplish the community vision, the direction of Harvesters efforts is framed by this strategy:

    Integrate and utilize a strategy of quality teaching that further develops understanding of God’s beauty (the arts), goodness (theology and religion), and truth (science) so that each member is more effective as a mature and equipped citizen in the Kingdom of God in order to impact the world.